Can We Change The World?

We have all read about the belief that our thoughts change our personal universe and the world at large.  You must have thought, like me, can that really be the case?   Surely not! I can’t influence anything.  Well, it seems we can.  We do indeed create an effect with how we feel and what we think.

The Global Consciousness Project has been running in Princetown University in USA since 1998 and  monitors the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.   There are  60 active receptors in the network; in Europe, the US, Canada, India, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Thailand, South America and Australia.  They measure unexpected deviations associated with Global Events when there is widespread participation or reaction to the event.     When millions of people share intentions and emotions the network data show massive spikes that deviate from the normal random readings.  Spikes occurred at the time of Diana Princess of Wales death, 9/11, the tsunami in Thailand and more recently the Paris bombings.  In fact over 500 major world events have been identified to coincide with a spike in the data.   The chances of this happening coincidentally are a trillion to one!

Simply put, when our thoughts and emotions join with others it effects what is around us. How exciting is it to think that we have that level of influence?  Just imagine what we could achieve by joining our focus with others in compassion rather than judgement; by using our natural desire to be kind and honouring the differences in people.  So let us try it out from today.

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The Cost of Living

Having coffee recently with a close friend, she told me a story from her past of which I had little idea.  She told me a sad and sorry tale about her relationship with an ex-partner.  She had found out a lie thatsad he had told and it quickly unraveled revealing that her whole life with him had been based in deception; in fact it was so bad he could end up in jail.  He had created a whole life based in lies and denial which had got out of control and built to something akin to the Leaning Tower of Pisa – only his construction had nothing to support it and it had fallen spectacularly.

Knowing something of her family background I asked how they had taken it.  Naturally they were furious but, surprisingly, much of their anger was directed at her.  When I asked why they would react in that way she explained that after the initial shock and pain the only feeling she held was gratitude to him.  ‘I was devastated initially to think that I had shared my life with him for so long and it was all based in a tissue of lies.  Quickly I realised that during our time together, and as a result of the outcome, I had learned an enormous amount about myself and how I face life.  He had taught me all of that, so how could I not be grateful?  After all, that is the Cost of Living!’

After I left her I thought about what she had said and indeed our experiences are the Cost of Living.  Without challenges in our life how would we learn what resourceful and courageous people we truly are?  We would never know the boundless inner strength we can access when faced with painful situations or how amazingly we pull through when life seems to throw us the curved ball.  Anyone around us, who gives us a hard time, really does help us to discover our true self; our compassion, our values and our boundaries.   We could even choose to consider them a gift in our life!

So when difficulties come along and we feel upset, angry, hurt, fearful or alone, let us take time to reflect on what is our personal Cost of Living.  When we look past the pain we will always discover the gold in every situation.  Treating the situation from a point of compassion towards ourselves and those involved helps us realise that the wisdom gained is what will carry us through to a brighter and freer future.

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Jane v

Metaphysics Foundation Course Review

A review of the Metaphysics Foundation Course I recently attended.

  1. the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space.
    “they would regard the question of the initial conditions for the universe as belonging to the realm of metaphysics or religion”
    • abstract theory with no basis in reality.
      “his concept of society as an organic entity is, for market liberals, simply metaphysics”

I signed up to attend this course with Jane Offer from The Purple Dragonfly and all I can say is WOW, in capital letters.

I have been involved with spiritual growth and development for sometime, most of which has been self taught through reading and online courses   I have attended a few face to face courses, but never anything quite so engrossing or attention grabbing as what Jane offers in her Metaphysics Foundation Course.

From the first session, I was hooked.  Learning about and being able to be involved in live demonstrations of mind over matter.   When 4 ladies can lift me out of a chair above waist level with nothing more than 2 fingers each, it is a mind blowing experience.  We know this is possible, but to be part of the experience, it just changes your whole mindset to that next level.

The knowledge that Jane brings to her courses is outstanding. Jane and her husband David have been in the industry for many many years and their skills can only truly be appreciated when experienced first hand.The Purple Dragonfly

The detail in the handouts that we received is extensive and full of value.  I can honestly say that I am truly looking forward to the upcoming Intermediate Metaphysics Course and finally the Advanced Metaphysics Course that is offered by Jane, owner of The Purple Dragonfly.

I can highly recommend this course if you are wanting to develop your own personal intuitive skills, ability to read aura’s, learn how to work with crystals and wands and much much more.

Jane and David, thank you so much for coming into my life.

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Fondest and best wishes

Diane Purdy, a very happy customer :-).

Goddess Rising and Sister Wives

Reality TV is not my favourite genre but I have become quite a fan of a show called Sister Wives. You may have watched it yourselves. It reflects the life of a polygamist family in America and the way in which the four wives work together to provide the most amazing framework of love and support for their children and each other. The whole process is fascinating and has really changed my ill-informed view of this way of life.
Kody, the husband, has his work cut out accommodating the four distinct personalities, strengths and challenges of his ‘wives’. Of course he is only married in law to one wife and has religious dedications to all of them, which in his eyes is the most binding. Their children are supportive of each other, have a sense of community, are articulate, confident and intelligent.
This family has been hounded out of their home state at the risk of being torn apart by the law. Whilst this is not a lifestyle for me, I do not understand why they are considered to be breaking any law. Surely, Kody is not practicing bigamy, as in the eyes of the law he is only married to one wife. It seems that is would be acceptable if he had one wife but was having relationships with three others behind his wife’s back and creating numerous children for the state to fund. They have four homes for which he pays taxes, they have income as they all work – taxes again – and, from the happiness displayed by all concerned he appears to be an attentive husband and a supportive father.

The Family

My fascination is the way in which the sister wives are so supportive of each other; they have a united focus – the family – and each are fulfilled in their own way. This to me is the gentle powerful strength available to all women. It is hard to define at what point in history women lost their standing in society. All old cultures had women as the wise ones, the Oracle was always a female, the Druids and many other ancient religions had priests and priestess as equals. So when did it all change and why?
Change it did but we do not need to engage in ‘man bashing’ or be anti-men as it was in the late 1950’s when I was growing towards adulthood.  As the movement for ‘equality’ began, I never felt it was the correct wording; women are equal to men, they are one half of a whole.  The discrepancy was actually  ‘equal opportunity’ and at the time that  was most definitely lacking.  Germaine Greer did a great job for the time because it really was a male oriented society; she needed to bring the inequality of opportunity to public awareness and help women to step out of, what for some, amounted to prison in the most powerful way and she became despised and judged for it by women and ridiculed by men.  Women had no rights in law, rape was always considered the woman’s fault so rarely came to court and if it did, it was presided over by an all male system, abuse was swept under the carpet, children would be taken from the mother if she attempted to leave her marriage and returned to the father, irrespective of the type of life they would endure with him, as she would have no money to support them and so on…

Because of this lack of equality in opportunity, mother’s taught their daughters both openly and covertly that this was the way it was, this is how you kept a man in your life so ‘suck it up’, it couldn’t change.  And there was the trap – the belief that it could not change handed down through generations.  My own mother would jump to the word of any man, except my father of course!  If a man spoke it, then it had to be true, if she was required to jump she would ask ‘how high?’  Yet she was fiercely independent and a business woman to boot so it didn’t match, but her mother did a great number on her belief system. However, she came a bit unstuck in passing it on to me; thank goodness for the 1960’s!

The World of Women has Changed

The result of Ms Greer and others was that the world for women has changed; not 100% yet as female graduates coming out from professional training often get paid less than their male counterparts – amazing that with such strict politically correct frameworks in place that this is still allowed and women don’t challenge it .  However, now at least women can have education towards their chosen careers, can leave a bad marriage with support of the law, can have children without actually involving the father and have an unprecedented level of freedom.

So let us stop referring to men as the ‘bad guys’ because over generations women have played their part in the process.  Fear of abandonment and starvation, of public opinion – women are pretty talented at judging other women – and the belief that ‘we need a man in our life to feel whole, complete, fulfilled – whatever the buzz word is at the time. all of it has created the situation and now we are in the best position to balance it out.  Let us remember the ancient feminine wisdom encoded within usGoddess Rising and Sister Wives

We are constantly told to balance our male/female energies and for some this wording may create misunderstanding but we do have within us the potential behaviour of both; all human beings have the potential to be gentle, loving and caring, the traditional female stereotype, but we can also be forceful, driven and ambitious, often seen as  the male preserve.  By bring it all together we balance it out to compassion and understanding; no-one in control, no situations seen as women’s work or the man’s job, just balance and harmony.

As Kody, the plural marriage husband, indicates in his interviews, it is not easy to balance his time, love and support between his wives but it is not impossible; it just requires the desire to try.  So instead of looking at the people in our lives as male or female let us understand  them as individuals with their own fears, needs, hopes and dreams.  Let us pull together in sisterhood.


Our own Catherine Bullard says :-

 ‘Sisterhood is not an exclusive group or an anti-men symposium. It is a way of being. It is a celebration of all that is gloriously and potently feminine.   It is foremost a choice to be alive and luscious in your female mystery and it is a path of the heart. Sisterhood is a movement of kindness’.                                                                                                      

It is time to celebrate our Sisterhood so join Catherine for her Feminine Wisdom Circle and tap into that part within that holds our ancient wisdom.  The group is held monthly at the time of the New Moon to maximise its creative energy as with the wise women of ancient times.

Join us to share, support, nurture and take some time to be with like-minded souls for ceremony, reflection and connection and let us step into that gentle feminine power with love and understanding together.  Visit our calendar to book into the next Feminine Wisdom Circle workshop


Jane G Offer

The Purple Dragonfly

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Numerology Reading

I love Numerology and the guidance that it provides.

Every situation on the planet can be reduced to a single number; our name, our date of birth, our phone number, house number and so on. Each number has a meaning and we can work with that to create ease and balance in our life. Since I learned this ancient practice many decades ago I have used it for any situation where I require more information to make an effective decision.

Here is a personal example of how Numerology Reading works.

The number in the address of the Purple Dragonfly Shop is 256. When you add the numbers together, it reduces to Number 4.

Numerology ReadingWe needed solid grounding to achieve the initial development of the Centre and Number 4 provides the foundation of our organisation. It resonates with the vibrations and energies of practicality, grounding and building solid foundations through service, patience, devotion and application. We needed all of that to create the foundation we required. Number 4 also generates pragmatism, a straightforward practical way of dealing with problems, concerned with results rather than with theories and principles and delivering a service with dignity and based in mastery, determination and hard work. This was required to ensure that the best possible service could be offered to meet the needs of others.

The second stage required was the spiritual dynamic. Number 4 fills that too as it relates to high morals, honesty and integrity. It supports us to a level of conscientiousness grounded in reality, realistic values, stability and ability. It helps us to use our inner-wisdom to provide a sense of security, self-control and loyalty.

Finally it holds the potential for progress, discipline, system and order, dependability, passion and drive. It helps all who visit the space to prepare for renewal using their instinctual knowledge.

I was delighted to find that Number 4 is the number that relates to the energy of the Archangels; certainly a level of energy to be encouraged! Also, it links to the Emperor Tarot card instilling the conviction and responsibility to those that work here to use their vast experience to help develop peace, knowledge, strength, wisdom and self-mastery within their clients.

Pretty neat! Everything we set out to achieve and to provide to others is sitting in 256.

Now we can look at the name The Purple Dragonfly.

Each letter has a value between 1 and 9 and please trust my maths when I tell you that it reduces to Number 7. The purpose of The Purple Dragonfly Centre is to support each person to remember who they really are – a spiritual being having a physical experience – and the personal power that lies in that belief. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, working towards spiritual enlightenment, spiritual acceptance and development, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, thoughtfulness and understanding of others, healing, peace, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, manifesting and manifestation, science and alchemy working together, discernment and knowledge-seeking, evolution, the ability to set limits and completion.

Wow, the name was chosen before the Numerology was investigated and yet there it was; everything we stand for and value. This is the energy we needed to move into the next phase of our collective consciousness and I feel that we were drawn to this location. We had no intention of resuming the work we had pursued for so many years in the UK. We came here to retire! However, the moment we stepped into the empty and dilapidated property it was as though warm arms embraced us and we felt that we had come home. We were hooked from that moment!

Finally, when we combine the Number 4 and 7 we get the karmic Master Number 11 symbolising karmic-11the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, encouraging the connection to our Higher Self; to identify and live our soul mission and life purpose. Yet again the numbers spoke and reminded us to trust the Universe. Master Number 11, ‘the Messenger’, connects to all those who are here to be inspirational guiding lights in their mission is to help raise spiritual awareness. This quantifies everything we envisioned when we began the Centre in the UK way back when only to discover that we obviously had not completed our work when we journeyed here to Australia.

So there we have it – a short journey into Numerology. I wonder what your numbers and the numbers of your family unit say about you individually and collectively. Wouldn’t it make it easier to understand the flow of your life and what the underlying energy supports? You can identify the perfect career, the highs and lows of life, the perfect timing to make important changes and why situations occur as and when they do, even identify the purpose of it all. Personally, I don’t know where I would have been in my darkest times without Numerology to guide me, keep me steady and at some points even sane.

Want to learn more about Numerology Reading?  We have a workshop with Kate Ellis this Saturday, 8th October 2016, that explores this amazing subject.

Give yourself a gift and try it for yourself. Discover the hidden world that resonates around you.

Please ring 03 9844 5294 for more information

Jane Offer

Australian Organic Awareness Month

October 2016 is Organic Awareness Month

There is growing awareness of the benefits and a huge move towards eating Organic foods – dairy, meat and vegetables – we know it makes sense but what about other things we regularly use?   Cotton clothing, deodorants, moisturisers, make-up, toothepaste, tampons; all full of chemicals to assist with production, to create an acceptable colour, to assist with non-creasing and imported goods are sprayed with chemicals for our ‘safety’.    Anything that touches our skin absorbs directly into our blood stream so what we wear, sleep on or in, apply to our body or breathe in affects our health.

You might be surprised to know that conventional cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used throughout the world, although is it grown on only 3% of the total cultivated area. Cotton crops have been plagued by numerous diseases and pests over the years and rank fourth in the list of most heavily chemical fertilised crops.  Unfortunately,  the excessive use of chemicals in conventional cotton production has led to a great deal of environmental pollution.

As our awareness grows, manufacturers have been forced to change ingredients in many cotton products.  In the case of sanitary products, for example bleach was used to make the products pure white.  No-one would want to use a grey coloured product right?  We want pristine white but that involved a highly poisonous bleaching agent which caused toxic shock leading to death in many women. Whilst that bleach has now been banned, many other toxins remain in these products.

The same situation applies to deodorants with many still unaware of the hidden dangers in the active ingredients of modern day deodorant. These products use potentially hazardous chemicals as a way of reducing perspiration and odour with the primary ingredient being aluminium.   Working to block the underarm pores,  Aluminium has been linked to several potentially life threatening diseases.

As awareness rises manufacturers are forced to be more open with their labelling; not fully open but improving.  Not all ingredients are required to be listed if they are in low enough measures but, of course, when a product is used on a daily basis there is a build up in the body and the levels can reach catastrophic proportions in some people.

Even supposedly natural products need to be screened carefully. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is toxic manufactured chemical and is used in many beauty and body products including those for babies.  As public awareness grew, manufactures began to substitute Sodium Laureth Sulphate, a plant based chemical, proffered as a ‘natural’ alternative.  However, the interaction with the other chemicals in the product,  it becomes as toxic as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

the-chemical-maze-bookThere is a great little book called the Chemical Maze which lists every chemical used in manufacturing and the level of danger they represent to our health.  Simply laid out, it is very quick to check out the ingredients of any product and clearly shows levels of toxicity.  None of this is to create paranoia that we are slowly being poisoned but it is our awareness that creates change and puts the control of what we are exposed to firmly back into our hands.

Australian Organic Awareness Month at The Purple Dragonfly

At the Purple Dragonfly we carry The Chemical Maze, natural salt deodorants, soap, healthy cookware, bedding and other clothing items.  Also we can obtain any other natural and safe products you would like to introduce into your family.

Try this out!

Homemade Natural Deodorant with Coconut Oil


  • 3 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp shea butter
  • 3 tbsp baking soda
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 5 drops preferred essential oil  (good ones to try are lavender, orange or clary sage)


  1. Make a double boiler by placing a half-pint glass jar in the middle of a small pot of water. Bring water to a simmer. Add coconut oil and shea butter to the jar and let melt.
  2. Turn off the heat, add baking soda and cornstarch, and stir until completely smooth. Mix in the essential oil of your choice. Let cool.
  3. At room temperature, the deodorant is hard. You can scrape out a small ball and apply it directly to your armpits, or transfer it to an old deodorant tube for easier application.In warmer months, you’ll need to keep this deodorant in your refrigerator to prevent the coconut oil from liquefying.

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Jane xx

Apricots and their nutritional value

It’s a Beautiful World

We see the world through two very precious organs – our eyes – and to keep our eyes healthy we need Vitamin A.   Apricots are rich in minerals and a great source of Vitamin A and they are one of the most healing fruits you can eat.

Apricots are – 

  • a great source for organic iron, copper and cobalt making them very beneficial for anaemia, digestive disorders and reproductive health.
  • highly beneficial for autoimmune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, colitis, and IBS.
  • wonderful for keeping the heart strong and healthy
  • a powerful weight-loss agent
  • an excellent food for disease prevention, especially lung, skin and stomach illnesses.
  • very helpful in helping to regrow hair and improve the quality of hair, skin, and nails.

Fresh apricots are always best; wild or organic varieties do not have any preservatives such as sulphur dioxide.   If fresh apricots are not available, dried varieties are a great alternative. apricots-dried A handful of dried organic apricots each day provide a healthy snack that helps keep you energised and focused throughout the day.

Dried Fruit Compote with Green Tea and Lemon

Ingredients to make 8 servingslemon-tea green tea

  • 3 x green tea bags
  • 3 x 1/4 cups boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon natural cane sugar or equivalent substitute to taste.   (Remember fruit is naturally sweet)
  • 2 teaspoons freshly grated lemon zest
  • 3 cups mixed dried fruit, such as apples, apricots, pears, figs and/or raisins


  • Steep tea bags in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Remove tea bags and stir in sugar and lemon zest.
  • Cut any large pieces of fruit into halves or quarters.
  • Place the fruit and tea in a slow cooker.
  • Cover and cook until the fruit is plump and tender and the liquid is syrupy.  1 ½to 2 ½ hours on high or 3 ½ to 4 hours on low.
  • Transfer to a bowl and let cool slightly. Cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  • Make Ahead Tip: Cover and refrigerate for up to 4 days.

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Self Manifestation

It is always great to hear another persons viewpoint on the changes that are happening to us all. Everyone is feeling it differently so here is Sandy King’s experience.   Thanks Sandy for your insightful words.

When faced with the thought of writing a blog, as a first time blogger, my mind went blank. Inspiration was simply not forthcoming – however, the idea was exciting, and certainly something I wanted to do. Yesterday, I answered a question on a Facebook page, and, in doing so, a light bulb went on in my head, and I realised that this would be the topic for my blog. Why, you might ask. My answer is because there have been so many changes in my life this year, and, when I look back, I realise that c was quite correct in saying that “Change is the only constant in life”.
We learn and are conditioned into belief systems because of what society expects of us. There comes a time when we realise that we have stagnated, and are living in a rut of repetitive patterns – but don’t always know what to do to change those mundane habits in order to realise our truth and our own path. Unless we are able to make those changes ourselves, we are “nudged” in one way or another, to step out of the rut, to step o# the treadmill, and to experience the flowers in the fields alongside the path – to realise how many different varieties and fragrances there are for us to experience. We then realise what amazing scope is available to us once we break the realms of the norm. We also start realising that, when we follow our own passion, our new norm is actually the norm for so many other people – we start meeting those beautiful new souls, and, in that way, finding confidence to continue, to learn and absorb everything we can, like a desert soaking up the rain water a1er a long drought. We realise the magnificence of all that is available to us – and we live in that new realm, learning from the abundant knowledge, and bringing added knowledge to that great library of reference. Our minds are so powerful and so capable of beautiful, healing thoughts.
Although there have been a number of occurrences in my life, all of which have lead me to where I am now, the biggest and most lasting changes have really happened this year. The “nudge” from the Universe for me, was consistent pain caused by newly diagnosed osteoarthritis in my hip. I had been to see various people for help, and that pain was persistent. I started to despair in the fact that, for the rest of my life, I would be walking with a limp, and, without hip-replacement surgery, would eventually end up in a wheel chair. This was not what I envisaged as my preferred future. This was when I embarked on a journey of discovery (for me) and Intuitive Healing sessions with Jane and Dave. On this journey, I have learnt so much about our own perception of situations – and if we change our perceptions, our entire outlook on the world changes. By changing our outlook on life, and by changing ourselves, others around us also change, because their views and statements no longer have the same effect on us as they had previously had. If we affect change within ourselves, we also effect change in the world around us – thereby creating the never-ending ripples in the pond of humanity, as a pebble does as it breaks the surface of a body of water.
If we are open to change, we will always be interested in what will happen next – and will never tire of life, because there is always something new to create and to experience. We truly can attract all we manifest for ourselves.
Thank you for spending this time with me, I wish you all Love, Peace and Happiness as you continue in this amazing world.

Go Within

Many of us seeking the purpose of our life have the growing understanding that everyone who touches our life offers an important step in our personal growth.  The more challenging the experience each one brings, the deeper we are invited to look into ourselves – to really know ourselves.  We often miss the point of the experience by making it about ourselves; our hurt or upset. We get lost in the emotional chaos that our feelings create and spend time on guilt, anger and blame believing that as a ‘spiritual’ person we shouldn’t hold these feelings.  But we are human, we do have these feelings and the true spiritual path is to acknowledge that within us and accept it, not fight it.  Accepting is not condoning of course but by knowing that side to us, and acknowledging the gift the other person offers by bringing it to our attention, helps us to live in mastery.

It is only through someone instilling impatience in us that we can possibly understand what it is to be patient; the person who causes us to make judgements about them or ourselves gives us the opportunity to cease to judge; by experiencing lack we can know the joy of abundance.  Without sorrow we cannot know joy and without resentment we cannot learn compassion and the only way we can receive these opportunities to explore is through others.

We each hold a unique piece of the jigsaw that makes up the picture of life; each piece has its own shape, design and aspect and our piece is solely ours.  We are invited to notice that as each piece falls into place around us, fitting perfectly in with our piece, the picture becomes clearer and wider so we can gain clarity and inner peace.  As our inner wisdom grows we begin to see each event as a gift and not an aggravation, teaching us to be more aligned with our true nature and to harmonise with those around us.   Each of us faces life based on the stories that have created our frame of reference; thoughts, feelings and beliefs put in place by others over many years that can give us a skewed vision of who we are and what we are not.  We then try to make decisions based on that vision of self and often we become disappointed or highly judgemental of our perceived ‘failures’.  We are so hard on ourselves and feel that in some way we are just not good enough.  But good enough for what?  We know  that no-one else can hold the position of being us; our jigsaw piece is unique and ours alone.  Therefore, by deduction we must be the ‘best man for the job’.

The Purple DragonflyWe each face challenges in life to one degree or another and we cannot compare these situations to another’s joy or pain.  No-one is better or worse off than another; it is simply the pattern of their piece of the jigsaw.  For some, another’s journey may seem unbearable yet it brings us the message of courage and strength so that we can weave into our own discoveries.   Our observations teach  us both gratitude and fortitude; grateful for being who we are and the knowing that we are incredibly strong and resourceful and fabulous into the bargain.

So over this holiday period use your well earned rest to become the observer; observe your reaction to those around you and accept it as an opportunity to know yourself.   Find your boundary and know how far you are prepared to go to accommodate another’s behaviour and how far you are prepared to buy into their perception of you.   Is it true?  After all they can only guess at what you think, feel or believe – they have no true idea as the only framework they have is their own.  Go within, quietly and with purpose because it is not for anyone else.  They have done their job by bringing it to your attention, now it is your turn to assess what it means for you.

Sodalite is the Crystal for Truth Seekers

Crystals are a fantastic source of support that are easily available, inexpensive and simple to use.

‘Hmm’, you say, ‘how can a bit of rock help in any way?’

In the early days, my thoughts exactly.  Some nonsense dreamed up by someone who had a lot of rocks in their garden – even maybe in their head – that could not possibly help anyone.  But me being me, I looked into it; after all, if people believed it, who was I to say ‘Rubbish’ without investigation.

The Purple DragonflyI had crystal healing, researched the science behind vibration and frequencies with the growing quantum information that was becoming available and began to see the logic in the power of crystals.  Now, I use them regularly for many different purposes.

Sodalite – Description:

Beautiful blue Sodalite is a crystal that has a strong vibration which focuses our attention on the qualities of idealism and truth.  Its energy helps us to live up to our own ideals and ideas about the nature of truth and is particularly helpful in aiding the development of intuition.   Sodalite is laced with white inclusions of Calcite which connects the higher levels of consciousness promoting our connection to our inner knowing.

Sodalite is commonly found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Namibia, Russia and Tanzania

Uses of Sodalite:

When we need to find the core truth in any situation we can use Sodalite to encourage us forward to honour and speak our truth gently, without force.  It helps us stand up for our beliefs by enhancing the self-expression and confidence necessary for the Truth Seeker, as often our truth will be misunderstood or not accepted by others.   People are not being difficult when they challenge us, it is merely that  it can be difficult to accept another’s opinion especially when it is not aligned our own.  It is comfortable to remain static in our thoughts because we fear that if we have to change one way of thinking it will naturally affect everything we believe. This is living in an unconscious state of being; we like in our comfort zone, to know where we stand, even if we don’t like the view.   The Truth Seeker lives outside those boundaries in a conscious state and is the instigator of change.

Sodalite works with two Chakras; the Throat and the Third Eye combining order and calmness to the mind encouraging rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition with the ability to speak this truth clearly and concisely.  It helps us to trust our own judgment by enhancing self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust and to fearlessly step out on the adventure by releasing old conditioning and programming of the past which have no further purpose.

On an esoteric level Sodalite is considered a stone of awakening as it stimulates the Third Eye through the Pineal Gland.   This will guide us on our spiritual path by opening the subconscious mind and helping us to see the symbols and messages being presented to us constantly for guidance and direction.

In our physical life Sodalite encourages structure and is useful in finding efficient ways of dealing with daily tasks and problems. It eases fear as it rises up in new situations or re-creations of old negative patterns, so that familiar feeling of panic that would normally turn us away from a situation, seeps away leaving structured thinking to successfully work it out.

Sodalite is linked to the Moon and the Elements of Water and Air.  The Moon is The Purple Dragonflythe feminine energy of creative thinking, seeing the hidden in the obvious. It allows us to see the symbolism clearly and to think ‘outside the box’ with clarity and structure.   Both Water and Air flow and move freely and when our thoughts are free to flow we have no restriction either.  Think of the gentleness of all three of these, Moon, Water and Air, but also see the power they each have; the Moon moves the tides sometimes creating floods, Water can break free with devastating results when restricted and Air can become a hurricane.  Our thoughts can become equally strong and damaging to our spirit when they are confined, curtailed or restricted.   

Ways to incorporate Sodalite:

  1. Choose a suitable Sodalite crystal and carry it with you preferably against your skin
  2. Wear a bracelet or necklace made of Sodalite
  3. Choose a Sodalite crystal tree, pyramid or other shape as an ornament to enhance your living space.
  4. Make a Sodalite Elixir

Make an Elixir:

Sodalite Elixir is made by the Indirect Method as Sodalite contains Aluminium and therefore should not be placed directly in the water used to make the Elixir.

Indirect Method:


  • A small glass bowl
  • A larger glass bowl
  • A clear lid or plastic wrap
  • Rainwater, natural spring water, non-carbonated mineral water or tap water


  • Place the cleansed Sodalite crystal in the small glass bowl and stand this inside the  large glass bowl.
  • Fill the large bowl with enough water to raise the level above the crystal in the inner bowl.
  • Stand in the sunlight or moonlight for several hours. If this is outside cove with a lid or plastic wrap.
  • Decant the water into a glass bottle.
  • Top up with a preservative such as apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine or brandy (for adults only).  This is the Mother Tincture and is used to create the remedy.
  • Add 7 drops of the Mother Tincture to pure water in a 15ml dropper bottle and add a little more suitable preservative.
  • For best results, take three to four drops of the gem elixir under your tongue, three times daily for at least a month. Or take three to four drops of the elixir in a glass of water three times a day.

Note: Doubling the dose does not double the effects as Gem elixirs are designed to be taken in small doses. Take the elixir consciously, pause for a moment and thank the spirit of the stone for its help.

Astrology and Numerology linked to Sodalite:

Sodalite connects to the Sun Sign Sagittarius and the numerical influence of 4.

Sagittarius encourages a curious, open and energetic mind; it is an adventurer with philosophical view searching for the meaning of life with optimism and enthusiasm.

Number 4 is the number of organisation, tenacity and focus.  It offers support, encouragement and inner-strength, enabling us to do what we need to do and achieve our goals with diligence and proficiency.

Sagittarius combined with Number 4 creates a force to be reckoned with; strong, structured yet fluid, curious and free.

Animal Totem – Crocodile

Crocodile has lived on this planet since prehistoric times and reminds us that we are infinite beings with a spirit that survives eternally.   Due to its long survival on the planet, it is considered to be the keeper of all knowledge. The most important part of Crocodile’s message is that we must look for every opportunity to ingest new knowledge and wisdom ourselves.  We are invited to generate patience as this is the beginning of a period of growth and regeneration so take time to breathe and stay balanced through the changes.

Essential Oil – Black Pepper

Black Pepper essential oil is a great way to relieve feelings of anxiety.  Place a few drops in a diffuser and allow the aroma to fill your living space.  Sit quietly holding a Sodalite crystal and relax.  The feelings will lift and with the mind clear, the way forward will show itself.

Note: When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.  Combine stones for short periods to begin with, so you can assess what works most effectively for you. 

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