April Diary

Regular Events:

Tuesday Morning Weekly Meditation with Jane Offer 

Exploration Meditation - Connect to Yourself                                                                                                                

The weekly Tuesday morning Meditation session consists of 2 themed meditations with discussion. Topics relate to personal growth and development of the intuitive understanding of our inner self. We explore and share practical ways in which we can be more in tune with our life events whilst experiencing inner peace and tranquillity enhancing our health and well being.

Time: 11am-1pm   Cost:  $25     Dates:  13th 20th 27th March


Alternate Tuesday Evenings: 20th March and 3rd April

Meditation, Mindfulness and Discussion

Thoughts are powerful and literally affect our health, wellbeing and general approach to life. Join Antoinette Pellegrini fortnightly on Tuesday nights for Mindfulness, Discussion and Meditation. Be with like-minded people. Share and learn about ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Antoinette is the author of Your Thoughts Matter, the new Your Thoughts Matter Journal and a beautiful set of inspirational cards. During the sessions she will be using her knowledge to share with you some tips and practices to bring mindful living into your experience. $20 payable on arrival

Time:  7pm-8.30pm       Cost:  $20 payable on arrival.   


With so much going on in peoples lives now is the time to really focus on ourselves, our own needs and understanding the impact on our personal future.  Therefore, the classes we are offering this month are aimed at exploring and building intuition and the compassion that we so desperately need to experience within ourselves and for ourselves.   

Give yourself a gift and book in for one of these fascinating classes! 

Saturday 7th April

Psychic Art with Medium and Clairvoyant Sophia Rigas

Learn from a practicing Psychic Artist the connection and focus required to master this amazing art form.  Find the unique way that your guides communicate their information through you to bring their valuable guidance.

A fantastic opportunity to connect your intuition with the spirit world.

Time: 10.30-3.30pm  Cost: $120 inc. all materials.

Tuesday, 10th April

The Alchemist Trail

The Alchemist Trail Facilitated by Jane Offer Are you ready to achieve an amazing life?

Are you feeling lost and confused?  The Alchemist Trail is a course designed for those that want to achieve harmony and balance by making some deep and serious life changes. 

Throughout the course you will determine how to recalibrate your view of your life experiences and  turn them into the creative force for living a powerful and magical life.  You will find your unique way to release the past, live every moment fully & create a fantastic future.
This course, held over 8 sessions, is for those wishing to make a serious shift, experience an expanded mindset, establish emotional and mental well-being and build greater resilience to the challenges in life

Time: 7 - 9 pm

Cost: $75 per session Includes Australian Aromatic Essence Spray worth $39.95 Comprehensive manual with work sheets, exercises and tips One monthly individual coaching session.

Wednesday 11th April

Abstract Art with Acrylics

Get your creative juices going under the guidance of Sophia Rigas.
Spend the day exploring this fascinating technique.  Sophia takes you simply and easily through the steps needed to produce magnificent abstract works.

Whether you are a complete novice, want to expand your knowledge and skills or just want some ‘Me’ time to relax and be creative, this workshop is for you.

Time: 10.30m-3pm      Cost: $120.00 all materials included

Saturday, 14th April

Pellowah Certified Training Level 1

Interested in developing your healing skills?  Learn this amazing technique developed here in Australia.  In Level 1 you practice this simple powerful & effective form of high energetic vibrational healing both in delivering and receiving the energy.

On completion of the Pellowah Healing Level 1 course you will have the skills to become a Practitioner of this amazing form of healing and you will receive:

  •   Level 1 Manual and Certification 
  •   21 day post-course additional materials and support via email

 Time:  10am – 4.30pm   Cost:   $249    Guaranteed small group

Pellowah Certified Training Level 1

An opportunity for those that have completed Pellowah Level 1 and wish to further develop their skill and connection to the Pellowah vibration. You receive further attunements taking your connection to even higher realms of possibility.
On completion you receive -

  •   Level 2 Manual and Certification 
  •   21 day post-course additional materials and support via email

 Time:  10am – 4.30pm   Cost:   $249    Guaranteed small group

 Monday, 16th April

Pellowah Share Evening with Michelle Sinclair

Michelle Sinclair, our Pellowah Healing Trainer, is offering a monthly Pellowah Share Evening for those that have undertaken the training. Practitioner receive the opportunity to practice their healing modality under Michelle’s guidance.  The evening includes a Pellowah talk discussing techniques and practice, healing swaps. Cost: $20

Optional - on the evening you can receive a further attunement to strength your connection to the Pellowah energy. Cost: $20

Saturday 21st April

Enhance your Life using the Law of Attraction with Ciera Raphael

Many of us use affirmations and practices to change our lives but we do not always have the positive result we hope we will attain.  Ciera, our renowned Clairvoyant, Medium and Intuitive Healer, will guide you through the steps to increase your clarity and focus, deepen your awareness and align your inner self to what you are really wishing to achieve. 

This workshop is not to be missed.

Time:  11am- 2pm   Cost:  $59

Sunday 22nd April

Pendulum and Rod Dowsing with Anthony Kilner

Anthony shares his extensive knowledge to take you further into the art of dowsing using both  pendulums and the 2 rod method.  This is a fully interactive and practical workshop where you will go outside to find lost objects, work with maps and photographs to gain information and direction and how to ask deeper questions requiring more than ‘Yes’ ’No’ answers.

Time: 10am-4pm    Cost:  $135 inc. manual. 

Saturday 28th April

Ayurveda Morning Tea and Introduction to Ayurveda with consultant Liesl Horne

A wonderful opportunity to learn about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the Principles of the 5 Elements found in nature. Discover how they relate to your own unique mind/body constitution.

The focus in this workshop is on relaxation and helping you to find a sense of ease and vitality in your life for improved wellbeing.

Time:  10am-1pm       Cost: $75 Includes a delicious morning tea


It is important to book early as places are limited.
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