Activate your Antahkarana

Your Spiritual Antenna in 33 Days of Expansion

What is the Antahkarana?   

The Antahkarana is the name of the esoteric (eso = within) bridge of consciousness also known as the rainbow bridge.   This bridge has to be built consciously with mental matter in order to connect the head centres for the specific purpose of reaching higher levels of self awareness and higher levels of Cosmic Consciousness.  Antahkarana can be translated as an inner instrument and is the 3-6-1 visualisation meditation pattern from the work of Dr Mikio Sankey Ph.D. L.Ac.

How does Antahkarana differ from other Meditations?

Experience 33 Days of Expansion supported by 6 weekly group meditations.

This meditation course is primarily to access the higher levels of consciousness to bring about deep healing and connection.  It is ideal for holistic health practitioners and those wishing to activate and enhance spiritual growth effectively.

You will learn how to practice, connect and activate the 36 + 1 gateways through visualisation which creates specific geometric patterns in our energy fields.  This activation also brings finely tuned clarity, connects to higher levels of consciousness and opens the paths to our Higher Inner Spiritual Heart and beyond.
Reaching the highest level of consciousness that is possible is, in my opinion, the highest form of healing’.                                             

Dr Mikio Sankey Ph.D., L.Ac.  from Sea of Fire – Cosmic Fire/Esoteric Acupuncture Vol IV


6 weekly 1 hour sessions   7-8pm

Facilitator:    Petra Stampfer