What is Astrology?

The word Astrology is derived from the Greek words astron, meaning star, and logos, meaning word.   Literally translated it means the language of the stars.

Astrology recognises the universe as a whole through an ancient symbolic language that is a method of exploring who we are, our relationships and our role within the world.

In the same way that Egyptian hieroglyphics refer to concepts much more complex than a single word could ever convey, planetary symbols and movements are rich with layered meanings.

How is Astrology useful?

It helps you to

  • know what makes you who you are
  • know the skills and purpose of this life time
  • understand the cycles of your life
  • understand the ebb and flow of your relationships
  • determine a career path
  • establish likely events for the coming year
  • understand karmic influences in your life

What will I learn in the Astrology Course?

  • Meaning of Signs and Planets and their history
  • Easy method of calculating a Rising Sign
  • Meaning of the Houses and Planetary Placements
  • Exalted and challenging Planetary Placements
  • How to use Planetary Placements to Advantage
  • Chart Reading Practice for each other
  • Overview of Charts of each class participants
  • Transits
  • Using Astrology to improve health and well being
  • What can and cannot be read from a chart
  • How to Use an Ephemeris
  • Interpreting Famous Charts
  • Review

Includes manual, chart printout and discount on Personal Yearly Forecast

Facilitator:    Roxanne

Duration:       6 weekly 2½ sessions