Sharing and Caring

Tarot Cards – or any cards in fact, are a great ‘tool’ to use when needing clarification on various issues.  When we draw cards, we ask for answers to a question, or guidance in a decision, or even for help in a challenge we’re facing.  By the same token, when I do a general reading to share with others on a weekly basis, I also ask a question – usually asking what message I need to convey for the week to come.

The reading on 27th February 2017 for The Purple Dragonfly Facebook page brought up two cards.  I found this interesting, because in my previous readings, I felt the need to draw just one card.  This time, with two cards being drawn, I realised why when I looked at them, and realised that one of them was a repeat of last week’s draw, being the Four of Cups.  So I thought that might be a little boring, so I put it back into the pack and drew again……’lo and behold, the Four of Cups came through again.  Thus, I felt that the other card (the Four of Pentacles) was no doubt there to support the message of last week, and these two cards together would carry the message for this week.

The Four of Pentacles and the Four of Cups are linked to one another in more ways than that they  both carry the number four.  They are both to do with sharing, releasing the feeling of possession, and noticing, with genuine love, what is around us – whether people in need or opportunities for ourselves.  Firstly, the number four is about sharing, unconditional love and gratitude.  The more we give, the more we receive, the more love we radiate, the more love will come back to us, and the more gratitude we show, the greater our gifts.

When we ourselves are not prepared to share what we have with others who may or may not be less fortunate that we are, likewise, we will not receive generosity from others.  It costs us nothing to smile at or to greet a stranger – and that one smile might be a turning point in their day – purely because we have noticed that they are there, and have acknowledged them. They might not respond with a smile or a greeting, but they might have their own reasons for their reaction.  The fact is that we have shared a little of our own sunshine with them.

I feel that the Four of Cups is about gratitude.  The figure on the card is looking forlornly at three cups in front of him, while ignoring the divine gift being offered to him.  He is not grateful for that which he already has and the opportunities afforded to him – and at the same time chooses not to see that there are other, new, perhaps better options available to him.  This can be for various reasons – either he is just not grateful for what he has in his life, be it the people he has around him or his career path, or he might feel he is unworthy of more than he already has.  By opening his eyes to the bountiful opportunities and possibilities all around him and available to him, he could change his life and his outlook on life completely.

Have a look at your own life.  Are you grateful – even for your morning tea or coffee (to which we might feel entitled)?  Consider what goes into making that cup of coffee – the trees being planted and tended, the beans being picked, dried, roasted and ground.  How do we get water in our homes? Where does the electricity come from to boil that water? If we drink white coffee, how do we get the milk?  So many aspects go into allowing us to simply boil a kettle and make a cup of coffee.

Is there something you could do for another person – perhaps make them coffee, give them a hug, carry their shopping, pack their car for them or even just hold the door open for them to walk through.  There are so many small acts of service we can do for others, which convey a feeling of goodwill, of love for one another.   Just imagine a world where we give each other respect and understanding in place of judgement.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness as you continue through this week.



Following the Inner Voice with Confidence

Intuition – when you know or sense something, yet there is no logical reason for you to feel it.

The word Intuition comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which means to look inside or contemplate.

Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition but the key is to trust it.  To do that you have to trust yourself and this takes time. It’s important to spend time alone, to get to know yourself; the more still and at peace you become, the easier it is to know if your ‘gut feeling’ is leading you in the right direction.   When you start analysing instead of listening, your intuition disappears.

You may sayI’ve lost my trust in my intuition as it has led me astray? Things did not turn out how I wanted them to!’

It’s easy to stop trusting your intuition and start questioning yourself when life does not go the way you want it to. However, this is when you must go deep inside yourself and know the one person that knows you better than anyone else is YOU. Look at the new situation in the framework of a bigger picture; what have you learned about yourself?  What new opportunities have you had and new people you have met?

Nothing is a mistake and nothing happens by chance.

A Little Tale!

This is a personal story of how the body can speak to us quite graphically.  Recently, in the Wednesday Meditation group we were working on the Sacral Chakra to elevate its frequency.  A very strong childhood memory suddenly flooded my mind; an incident that I was remembering for the first time in many years.

I could see it and feel the emotion that surrounded it but, more importantly, my body reacted to it.  As the story began to release from my cellular memory, it mirrored exactly what happened at the time. I began to feel very upset, I felt sick and my gut reacted very strongly. I knew I wasn’t ill or had eaten something suspect because I know my body when it talks to me. It continued to react for some days until finally the words that had made the most impact at the time floated to the surface.  These same words have stayed with me throughout my life, popping up each time I felt under pressure; right through from when I had to do an exam at school to even holding a class now.  I wasn’t consciously aware that the words were related to this incident until last week so now I can finally release that voice and move on.

What about you?                                                                                                                                          

Have you noticed that your intuition – gut feeling – has intensified over the last short while?  Have you had a few aches and pains or an old condition re-occurring? It’s a strange thing how these senses suddenly come over us and we just know.  Of course, it is a natural part of our ability but we often are unaware of it, don’t notice or just put it down to coincidence.

We often say I should have followed my first thought’, when we disregard our instincts and follow our head.  We say, Well, that was strange!’ when we get the phone call or meet someone we were thinking of only the day before or we get that strange goosy feeling when the hairs raise on our arms when something just feels right.

Our bodies have been relaying messages to us from our moment of birth.  Obviously we know when we are hungry, thirsty, tired or scared but it also gives us more subtle messages.  When we get a fancy for food, say strawberries or oranges; this is the subtle workings of our mind telling us our body is low on Vitamin C.   We may dream of, or get the desire to go to, the sea.  This would be another message telling us that we need to relax and slow down or, more importantly, that we are low on salt.  When we start notice and understand this language, we begin to work with our intuition even more strongly.

Within us all is that knowing of what is the most appropriate action to take in any given circumstance; we know just what to say or how to respond.  However, our doubt in ourselves often over-rides this natural knowing and tries to fit with all the information that is stored in our brain.  You know the stuff I mean – it tells us that we must please everyone around us, that we mustn’t stand out or make a show of ourselves, that we mustn’t challenge or rock the boat in any way; all the training we received as children.

When we go against this inner guidance, we are not being true to our own needs and we often end up frustrated, angry and sometimes even suffer ill-health.  Now is the time to really listen to ourselves, to build trust in the information we receive.  We need to rely on that rather than the millions of voices that are in our brain each pushing the information they put there in the first place; every book we’ve ever read, film we’ve seen, words spoken to us, overheard conversations, someone else’s translation of an event and what it meant and how we are supposed to feel about it and more and more.  Those voices that tell us we SHOULD.  They don’t belong to us, they are not us; it is just stuff that may or may not be relevant, useful or even match our truth.  It is not unbiased information but mostly others interpretations of life from their point of view.  Is that us?  Not at all, and it is important not to fit around it to please others.  We have our own opinions, feelings and it is important that we use discernment to identify what is ours and what is someone else’s.

I’m not saying, go against everything we hear, just to be aware that it may not fully align with what is right for our life.  Listen by all means, but then filter it to find the gold within it – that little piece of information and guidance that is helpful and grows our own knowing.  When we begin to follow that inner voice that comes from deep within, life seems to flow more easily, stress levels reduce and there is harmony and balance in every sector of our lives.

You know that you are your own GURU – Gee U R U

The Light Colour Healing Principle

We were out walking the dog last year when my husband decided for some strange reason that she needed to learn to jump and that he would demonstrate the idea.  There was a pole close by that was used for horse practice; a horizontal telegraph pole so not particularly high.  He took off at a run and as he leapt so the highly confused and excited dog shot through his legs and he fell.  He landed on the pole with a very loud crack and I was sure he had broken a hip at least.  A lady was walking about 100 metres away and she heard the noise and came running.  Husband lay very still, dog still thinking he was playing,  afraid to move because he was also sure he had broken at least his ribs.  When he finally got up he was sore but nothing broken.  I covered the area with Arnica ointment and the next day there was no bruise but it was too painful to touch the skin.  We used the Light colour machine for 9 minutes and the area that he could reach became completely pain free although where he could not reach was still very sore.  Because of the difference my sceptical mate could not doubt that it had worked wonderfully.  Painful way to prove a point but that is the way of the sceptic!

I have used Colour Light Therapy over the years and found it to have amazing healing abilities.  It can be used for any condition with beneficial effects.

An old tried and tested method

Light and colour has been used for healing for millennia by many different cultures.  Recorded history takes us right back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians where they separated the colour and used each one with light to heal different conditions. The healers discovered that light passing through coloured fabric or glass had the ability to speed up the healing process.

Those working with plant life have found that light in the form of specific colours gives vegetables, fruits and herbs their nutritional and nourishing qualities as colour is the active ingredient in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in those foods. Research with plants also indicates how coloured light affects plant health; when specific colours of plastic sheeting are placed on the soil around the plants, pests can be discouraged and plant growth and flavour are enhanced.

Native cultures also discovered that the colour of plants determined their healing qualities; for example, blood conditions were treated with red flowers and herbs.  Experiments today with red and blue light show that red will increase blood pressure while blue light reduces it.  The same applies to those colours when shone on the soles of the feet to regulate weight; it has shown that red reduces weight while blue increases it.  Hmm, I do love blue so maybe that’s the answer and it’s not the chocolate at all!

So why does it work?

The relationship between light and health begins in our eyes. When light enters the eyes, it travels through the brain directly to the body’s ‘biological clock’ located within the brain’s brain known as the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus shares the light-activated information it receives with the body’s master gland, the Pineal, which regulates our vital functions by linking the nervous and endocrine systems. Acting as the body’s light meter, the pineal gland communicates data about the time of day, time of year, spectral characteristics and the earth’s electromagnetic field to every cell of the body simultaneously. In doing so, each cell orchestrates its internal function in line with the ever-changing flow of Nature.

We each have a natural receptivity to certain frequencies of coloured light and a resistance to others.  When applied through the eyes and the skin, coloured light has been shown to positively affect the mind and body function to recalibration with the true basis of our health and wellness.  It has been shown to have a huge beneficial effect for depression and is used extensively for Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD Syndrome where the lack of light in the winter in many countries cause another form of depression.

Light is nourishment to the body  

We are made of  light and light is the language by which our cells speak to one another. The DNA within the centre of the nucleus of each cell of the body emits photons (light). When this light reaches the crystalline structure of the cell wall, it is greatly amplified. The light radiated from the cell naturally congregates with similar cells because they share the same frequency. These groups of cells form organs and the other structures in our body, each resonating with a specific frequency and colour. So our cells are crystallized light!

Light stimulates and supports the important endocrine system as well as the immune system and organs of the body. The visible spectrum, the rainbow colours, as well as infrared and ultraviolet   light are essential for the complete health of the body  but when we are outside, we are told we must wear glasses and sun screen. Sensible advice, of course, but these block some portion of the full spectrum of light which starves a part of our body.  So, it is necessary to take in sunlight through the eyes every day; not gazing at   direct sunlight just wear a hat to create shade and take off those sunglasses for just 20 minutes a day!

So how can we help our body to receive enough full spectrum light? 

A simple way you can do for yourself is to replace just one bulb in a lamp in your home with a full spectrum light bulb and sit within its range of light while you are watching TV or reading.  A normal bulb which no blue, dark blue or purple shades whilst the full spectrum bulb gives the body the benefits of the whole colour range.

Another option is a Colour Light Therapy session.  I have used it to get rid of sinus, aching joints, headaches, bruises and, even when I feel ‘’under the weather’ for no particular reason, it perks me up immediately by releasing the feel-good hormone Serotonin.

We are lucky to have Andrew Barrett at The Purple Dragonfly who, by using a colour light machine that shines light through coloured filters and/or crystals, can bring your body back to good health through natural means.  Not only does the process keep your body balanced it aids with the dissipation of pain and many other symptoms.  His one hour sessions benefit your health and are deeply relaxing.  Why not give it a try!

Bookings can be made through the shop via phone – 03 9844 5294

Light and Colour

Colour exists in every part of the Universe; it is around us everywhere and we are influenced by colour constantly whether we realise it or not. Even when we have our eyes closed or it is dark, we still see colour. Even when we dream, we see colour.  Colour seems to describe life – evoking senses, feeling and memories.  We use colour to describe our feelings such as ‘feeling blue’ or ‘in the pink’, ‘green with envy’ or ‘seeing red’.  We are aware that some colours lift our spirits whilst others hide just how we are feeling.  Colours can be exciting, motivating, inspiring or balancing, calming and nurturing.

Where do these feelings come from?  We learn to differentiate colour at an early age.  Naming each one correctly can be a very young child’s ‘party piece’.  The ability of identification and naming colour is stored in the cortex of the brain, the area that governs formal education. The reflexive, instinctual response to colour is stored in the primitive, mid-brain area.

Colour is the visible section of the wavelength of light. The wavelengths of visible light (colour) lie between 400 and 700 nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter).  As the wavelength gradually increases from 400 to 700 nm, it is perceived as violet through the spectrum to red. (The wavelength is lengthening and slowing as it moves towards 700nm.)  We perceive coloured objects as a result of the photons, which make up the wavelength, being absorbed or reflected by that object.  A coloured object will absorb all the wavelengths (colours) that exactly match it and reflect the rest.  This is what we see.  Therefore, a red tomato absorbs all the rays except the red one that it reflects, so we see it as red.

Science recognises the effect of x-rays, ultraviolet rays and microwaves on our physical bodies but finds difficult the idea that our emotions and thought processes could also be affected. Light plays a major role in stimulating and regulating our physiological responses.  Therefore, as colour is the way in which we perceive light through the various wavelengths, it clearly can create different psychological and physiological effects.  Dr. Max Luscher, a leading colour expert, believed that a personal colour preference or dislike indicated a particular state of mind and/or a glandular balance. This, he believed, shows the reaction to be part of the ancient primal memory.

As science techniques have become more sophisticated, it has been shown that certain regions of the brain are light sensitive and respond differently to different wavelengths.  It is believed that these different wavelengths of radiation (colour) act on the endocrine system to affect hormone production.

As early as 1942, Russian scientist S V Krakov found that the colour red stimulated the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system and blue stimulated the parasympathetic portion.  Robert Gerard, who tested a group of normal adult males, confirmed this in 1958.  By shining a red light onto a screen in front of the group, an increase in blood pressure, respiration and eye blink rate was noted.  When a blue light was shone, a marked reduction in these rates was recorded.  The heart rate in both cases remained unaffected. On an emotional level, blue increased feelings of relaxation and lessened anxiety and hostility.  The colour red increased excitement and tension.

Put simply, these experiments indicate that the autonomic nervous system and the part of the brain connected with vision become more active when stimulated by the red light and less aroused by the blue light. Clear, white light was used as the control and consistently indicated no difference either way.

Further experiments during the early ‘70’s have shown that specific colours will affect moods, breathing and pulse rate and blood pressure.  The colours that can increase each symptom are yellow, orange and red (red having the minimum effect).  The colours that can decrease each symptom are black, blue and green (green having the minimum effect).

Colour is used today as a tool to aid health in hospitals.  The maternity wards will use blue light (450nm) for the treatment of jaundice in newborn babies.  The light breaks up the biliruben that accumulates in the body and allows the natural processes to eliminate it.

This same blue light has been to be effective in reducing arthritic pain in experiments conducted in 1982.  A study in San Diego headed by Dr. Shanon McDonald showed that the light could positively affect the pain levels in a group of middle-aged women with rheumatoid arthritis.  The levels would vary with the length of exposure to the light.

Dr John Anderson conducted experiments using red light on migraine sufferers.  By flashing red lights into the eyes of sufferers a substantial amount had no migraine after one hour and the rest felt an improvement in symptoms.

(Further reading and bibliography notes – Light, Medicine of the Future by J Liberman)

Natural Law of Flow

I was looking at some family photographs recently and found some of a favourite aunt, both as a young woman and as an old lady.  In one, she was holding her son, my only cousin.  My mind floated back to many incidents where they had been at loggerheads over some trivial incident or another.  Of course, to her they were not trivial at the time; it was only later that she viewed it with regret.   In those days, punishment for bad behaviour was more stringent than it seems to be today and I remember her being so angry with him – this truculent, challenging late teenager who would push her buttons deliberately and stir up an argument between her and his father as often as he could.

At the time, that is what she thought she had – time.  She thought that things would stay just as they were yet the evidence of impermanence was there; this little baby of hers was now a surly adolescent.  She remained the ‘actively involved’ parent, always wanting him to live in the way she thought was best.  Yet she did not have a happy marriage or had fulfilled her dreams in many ways. In fact, according to her mother, my grandmother, she was equally challenging as a young woman.  She was there with her opinions throughout my cousins’ apprenticeship, marriage, parenting, divorce and remarriage.  She shifted her allegiance depending on his compliance to her wishes – he continued to rebel.

Finally, she outlived him; she struggled with the pain and sorrow but she lived the rest of her life with a philosophical attitude.  She wished so many times she had been closer to him, had done it differently but her journey gave me so much more understanding; when to be supportive and when to leave it alone, to choose my battles, to always act in a way that does not leave a feeling of guilt and, most importantly, that nothing stays the same.

What we are so concerned about today, will merely merge into our life tomorrow.  We work within the idea that what is today, will still be tomorrow, but it isn’t.    Our perception of stability is an illusion: everything is vulnerable, temporary and changing.  So many people, men especially, believe they are defined by the job they do; society has created that within them.  Many are often more loyal with their time to the company than they are to their own family yet the company will retrench them without a thought if it works in their favour.  We see it constantly on News programmes that yet another company has ‘slim lined’ their work force for the sake of profitability.

No matter how hard we try to solidify our lives, nothing can stay the same or last forever. Everything follows the simple laws of nature –  that there must be constant flow.  A river flows, finding its way across the earth, constantly heading towards the sea.  It forges a path that twists and turns to suit the lie of the land but if that flow is blocked it becomes static with a completely different identity; it become a dam.

 Our denial of that basic truth is the reason we become confused even scared.  We suffer because we are projecting the myth of permanence upon a situation that is actually conditioned and constantly changing.   Everything is interrelated and interdependent and it’s the nature of things to come together and fall apart.

It is human nature to always want; to look for the new. To see this in ourselves, we only have to observe a very young child constantly move from one thing to the next, continually looking for pleasure and rarely satisfied with what they have.  This natural behaviour begins as exploration and is later exploited to create the illusion of happiness from external stimulation.  It builds on itself generation after generation until we believe the illusion.

We are constantly bombarded by the media and advertising agencies telling us that we will be happier and more fulfilled when we have this new car, move to a bigger house, have this gadget or go to this amazing place.  The fact is though, when we achieve it, the pleasure is short lived, eventually dissolving and then we find we are not happier at all!

We suffer because we organise our life around the concept that all endures and we live in a solid world yet it is simply ideas and forms coming in and out of existence. If we stop for a second and look at what’s really going on; look with our feelings and senses rather than analysing with a brain full of other people’s thoughts, we can sense clearly what is happening. We begin to realise that we cannot control the flow of life to keep it the same.   All we can do, is allow ourselves to flow like the river and find a way around the obstacles in our path not fearing the change but embracing the adventure of the new.

That’s the actual reality of our situation; everything evolves whether we try to stop it or not.  When we flow with it, we are happier, more relaxed and experience fulfillment.

Go with the Flow

I do feel vaguely annoyed when I am experiencing a crisis and a well-meaning person says ‘Oh, just go with the flow’.  Isn’t that a pain?  They probably mean that I should allow the situation to unravel and just be the observer but I’m upset and it’s not what I want to hear, right?

Translation of another’s words rely on our own personal experience and to me this brings up a picture of sitting cross legged, surrounded by a haze of goodness knows what and sounding the OM!  Not something I ever did you understand but that is my era.  In those days I lived the illusion that somehow I could control life and it would comply with my wishes; I soon learned that is not how it actually works.  I realised that there are two separate agencies at work here; Life flow and Universal flow.

Life flow is merely a mechanism; we live within it and it holds a myriad of potential experiences and outcomes that are available to everyone.  On an amazing course I attended I discovered, and I truly believe it, that life itself is designed to have no absolute meaning; only the meaning that we individually place upon it.  In this way, we all experience life from a different perspective as it occurs and this forms the various viewpoints we each hold on every subject we encounter.  Like a car engine, it offers the propulsion but not the full experience.

Perfect –so Life flow encourages us to believe we are at its whim, that we must sit back and wait for life to flow towards us.  Does this work for our individual needs though?  Not really, because we fall into the trap of allowing the engine to drive us without taking into consideration the whole vehicle. We become upset and fearful when It takes us where it wants to go and not where we feel we need to go.  We know the journey is out of control but we continue to give our power away because we feel we have no other choice.   Yet we are incredible manifesters; each one of us creating our world but we don’t always use our skill wisely.  We often hold onto the ‘I don’t have..’  ‘I can’t do that…’ ‘What choice do I have..’ believing that to be true and of course that is how it do often appears. It is the result of holding on to alignment to Life flow; there is no direction or structure and the engine is malfunctioning for our unique needs.

Universal flow however is a whole other ball game.  When we align to it we are proactive, we see the pattern that we are co-creating and we interact with it by using the only true control we have, that of our thoughts.  When we are in Universal flow we are employing the whole vehicle, using all its capabilities while following the road placed before us knowing we can detour at any point. We draw its energy towards us, we play a huge role in its manifestations and we can choose how we play it out.    We notice the synchronicity that create an harmonious and balanced journey where we can enjoy the view rather than having our head down, under the bonnet, blindly tinkering with the engine.

What do you think?

a Look at Life Purpose

Every day the proof is there to me that we really are in the midst of an amazing and magical change.   Constantly I hear people speaking about their need to change their life; to move to the country to grow their own food and eat what they produce so they know where it comes from.  They choose to release their career to spend time with the family they have created. They have become aware that there is no time just to enjoy life, that they need to relieve their stress and maintain their health.   They have decided that no amount of money can buy back time or improve their well-being.

Many people are noticing that everything that has been so familiar to them is shifting and they are moving away from the need to be with certain friends, that they have to go to certain places and the desire to break old habits is magnifying.  So many reasons but all to the same end – a different way of living.

We are each waking up in our own way to that inner voice that has been calling out to us.  Now the messages are coming loud and clear – live your truth and clear your heart and mind, be authentic.  We no longer want to hear negative information; to listen to the media hype that is distorted and sensational, designed to generate fear.  We choose not to be around people who constantly bemoan their situation; we want to Breathe, to feel Free and Peaceful.  When we have a positive state of mind, it flows out and affects the world around us.  What we express flows back – kindness creates more kindness, anger creates more anger – and we are increasingly feeling the need to be kind, grateful and at peace with ourselves.

When we flow positivity into our environment it reduces the negative thought frequencies that are feeding the mass consciousness. When that pool of consciousness contains only happy joyous thoughts, that is all there is; no hate, jealousy, outrage and fear.    This is our job –  to focus on our thoughts flowing out in never ending ripples to change the world around us.  We signed up for it, we agreed to it and now we have the opportunity to live it.   We, each of us, are charged with this task – it is the purpose of our life – to flood our personal world with good thoughts, positive action, gratitude and love.