Crystals that Help Develop Intuition

Crystals for Intuition 

The prime candidate here has to be Lapis Lazuli.  It has been used throughout history to bring inner peace, freedom from negativity, activation of the higher mind, and enhancing the desire for truth.  More about Lapis Lazuli

Clear Quartz is   highly recommended for intuitive development as it is a powerful amplifier.  To increase your ability to ‘hear’, ‘see’ or ‘feel’ intuitively, think of yourself as a receiver, like a mast or satellite dish. The messages are there, but you may not be able hear them clearly. Clear Quartz amplifies their energy so they are more easily heard. Clear quartz also amplifies the qualities of the other crystals.

Labradorite is helpful for self-discovery, intuition and awakening our awareness of inner guidance.  Labradorite is a great grounding crystal

Fluorite increases conscious awareness, anchors intuition into the physical plane, absorbs confusion and harmonises energy. Fluorite brings mental clarity in unstable situations because it balances the chemistry of the brain.

And finally, an old favourite Moonstone.  This gently feminine crystal connects us to the power of the Moon enhancing the natural intuition within every woman.    It really opens our mind to intuition and balances the ‘down talk’ of doubt.

Have Faith in Yourself

In this week’s card reading, I used the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman. The card I drew was “Faith”.  It is a purple card, relating to the sixth chakra – or the Third Eye.  The Third Eye is to do with our intuition. There are three figures and a spirit featured in this particular card.  The figure at the front, has her back to us.  She feels blocked in her journey.  The two figures facing us appear to give her guidance, perhaps in a parental way.  The woman holds a globe, which is indicative of infinite knowledge.  The man holds a golden goblet which appears to be full – indicating that the girl has all she needs within herself in order to give and share, and still have enough for herself – she only has to realise that, and acknowledge the fact.  Behind the man and the woman is a Spirit.  There is an owl on the Spirit’s head.  An owl is a symbol of knowledge.

When we respect ourselves for all that we are, and for all that is available to us, we will, at the same time, respect others for all they have to offer.  Respect and unconditional love are two of the greatest gifts we can give to another person.

In a similar manner, when we honour all we have within us, so the road opens up for us, and the blockages we imagine are there clear, offering us boundless opportunities we didn’t even know were there.

Take the first step, no matter how tiny it may seem at the time.  As we honour and master that first small change, so the next door will open and a new opportunity will become apparent – and so the process continues.

In this way, as we recognise the first gift we have to offer, and we embrace that ability, so we will grow, realise and embrace each step we take, and the path will become longer and more interesting, and we will slowly but surely learn more about ourselves.

We each have so much to give and to share.  It is now time to acknowledge freely and openly who we are, not to feel blocked by our own insecurities.

Have Faith in who you are and your own abilities.  Be yourself, and be free to love the person you truly are.

Thank you, once again, for spending this time with me.  I look forward to next week’s reading.

I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness.



This week began with a Full Moon in Virgo, as well as a Lunar Eclipse and all  while Venus is retrograde – making this a time for of heightened emotions, new beginnings and great for manifestation.  Manifestation can indicate the formation of new ideas and plans still to be developed – however, negative manifestations can also come to fruition – so be cautious of what thoughts cross your mind at this time.

It is with this thought in mind, that I write about our reading earlier this week.  The Two of Cups is the card that came up – a  card of new friendships, bonds, relationships and partnerships – and the bringing together of opposites.  The number two represents those opposites – the masculine and the feminine, dark and light, spiritual and intellectual, active and passive. Twos can be about mirroring each other in relationships and also mirroring the environment around us.  The symbolism of the cups (and the stream in the background) is the emotional side of our being.

In life, one of the most important lessons we should learn is total and unconditional acceptance of those around us, especially those who are different from ourselves.  The reason I use the word “especially” here is due to the fact that it is particularly difficult to accept those who are different from ourselves, and who have different ideas and opinions.  Nevertheless, every person deserves respect, recognition and love. Of course we should be different from one another in order to create an equillibrium and balance in the world around us.

People always come into our lives for reasons – they might end up staying longer term, or might just be part of our lives for a short window.  Just enough time to allow us to learn what we need to learn from that friendship or relationship.  Sometimes we meet people, don’t necessarily create a bond with them immediately, but then, perhaps years later, they return to our lives due to changes they have made to their lives, or we have made to our lives – but essentially, both parties are then ready for the path that bond is due to take.

This card can also mean that there will be a reconcilliation between those who have previously had disputes – perhaps the ground will be laid for those parties to communicate better, and to find a resolution to their differences.  There are so many ways in which relationships, friendships and partnerships work.

Not only do we refer to these bonds with other people, but also to our own internal workings.  Our emotions and our logic, spiritual and intellect.  When total trust is achieved, and we are able to listen to the quiet voice (or the little voice) within us, we are guided to wisdom we had no idea was part of us.

I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness as you explore new possibilities available to you – whether in your personal life or as newly developed business partnerships.  May they be successful and bring to our lives all we need.

Thank you again for spending this time with me.  I look forward to our next reading

With love