Crystal Massage

Wellness with Crystals & Gemstones – We shine from within

Crystal Massage is a holistic body therapy with crystals, scent and sound. The method originated from the use of massage and crystals in health and wellbeing. It combines the benefits of various massage techniques with the versatile effects of crystals, scents and sound.

Crystal Massage has an activating as well as relaxing effect and increases body awareness. Each of the different sections of the total body massage can be used separately in individual treatments, such as for the back, hands, face or feet.

Petra believes that people need to be treated as ‘Individuals’ and therefore chooses different gemstone qualities for everyone by using a single-handed dowsing rod.

What Can Crystal Massage address?

Stress, lack of sleep or trying to deal with life’s challenges has a huge impact on your body, especially the skin, which average total surface is almost about two square meters.

The skin is our largest sensory organ and when it looks wan or sick it tells us certainly that there is something not working for us. Then hiding behind a mask of cosmetics is only a quick-fix solution, which doesn’t reveal the issue.

Crystal Massage is a targeted preventive method for maintaining health and beauty by using the healing properties of the crystals combined with beautiful organic massage oil infused by the information of crystals.

What will I experience in a session?

Crystal Massage offers you the ultimate deep relaxation, strengthens the immune system and removes toxins. Therefore the clients will be advised to drink a lot of natural water after the treatments to flush out the toxins. The body’s own natural healing process is stimulated and will be leaving you, feeling totally relaxed and calm.

The massages are conducted with warm crystal-infused oils and by using different shapes of stones such as spheres, wands, soap- or palm-stones and tumble polished stones. The energy of the crystals promotes a calm and meditative state, allowing you to experience a new and deeper level of calm, tranquillity and total relaxation.

Petra believes that inner peace and harmony are essential components of beauty and well being. She picks up on emotions and feelings of her clients helping to bring everything into a flow. Therefore the hands are flowing intuitively over the body of the person being massaged.

This is a very individual treatment depending on the personality and circumstances of the client and is performed in slow synchronic movements to take out the speed and rush of our modern lives. The slow movement flows across the body in synchronic massaging also using crystals over the skin in circles and stroking with a gentle and relaxing pressure.  This leads to a deep relaxation.  Following a treatment the facial features are more natural, open and relaxed, very soft and beautiful!

How many sessions will I need?

After experiencing a treatment it may well become a regular part of your health and well being regime.

Duration:              2 hours, 75 minutes or 1 hour sessions are available

Practitioner:        Petra Stampfer