Dr Alan Liu

Dr Alan Liu is a highly qualified & experienced health practitioner, with skills in Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology and Bowen Technique.  He is one of the few practitioners to have achieved his Applied Kinesiology qualification prior to completing his triple degree in Osteopathy at RMIT.

By incorporating a multi-disciplined approach, Dr Alan provides a different and unique management philosophy to provide a path to optimal health.  He understands that everyone’s body is different and requires tailored management to achieve our goal of optimal health.

Using this holistic approach, Dr. Alan Liu considers the integration that occurs between the physical body and our neurological, biochemical and immune systems and their influences on our structure. In this way, he uses our own body reflexes to tell him exactly what is needed, providing a fully focused and personal health regime.His number one priority is your health, whatever your personal goals maybe, and his ability to listen and connect the dots make him a caring and trusted practitioner.  His continual drive for learning and his constant upskilling, both physically and metaphysically, illustrates clearly his passion towards helping other.