Intuitive Development Workshop

Widely experienced Medium and Intuitive, Shantaya. offers you a chance to explore your Intuition and connect to your innate guidance   She introduces you to your inner knowing through the many techniques she uses in her own practice.


      Over 3 sessions you will explore:

  •  Connection and trust in the Inner Voice
  •  Grounding Tools
  •  Importance of Meditation
  •  Mindfulness
  •  Intuitive Writing
  •  Live Flowers as Oracles
  •  Oracle Card Layouts
  •  Art as a receiving tool
  •  Journaling
  •  Plenty of fun and practical exercises

                                              Allow your inner self free and discover
                                             the gifts that have always been with you

Everything covered in this group has a practical benefit for your life and provides a good foundation  
to enrol in the IICT accredited programs  Intuitive Development or Professional Mediumship.

Facilitator:    Shantaya

Delivery:       3 x 3 hour sessions