Jane Offer

Originally from the UK, I am a counsellor (BACP), teacher and natural health practitioner.   Through my daughter’s illness in her teenage years, I became fascinated by the natural approach to health and the mind/body link to ill-health.   As an experienced Wellness Practitioner who has worked in the UK, US and Australia, I was one of the Founders of Spectrum Health Trust, a not for profit UK Natural Health Centre.  The Centre acquired national level training accreditation and attracted Government and European Social Funding grants to work with disadvantaged and disenfranchised minorities.  Programmes working with young offenders in prison, drug and alcohol abusers and young people that were low achievers in a formal education situation were funded and delivered through the Centre and written by myself.     We also were an ATO delivering courses in Natural Therapies.

At 60 I retired and came to live in Australia to be with family and after a short period of relaxing I returned to my passion for personal empowerment.  I continue to write and deliver courses and workshops, on many subjects and in 2011 I further trained in Crystal Healing as a practitioner and trainer to introduce others to this fascinating subject.

All my courses are based in celebrating and embracing our differences, are inclusive and honour the individual’s situation regardless of creed, culture, gender and age.

“I believe that each individual has infinite potential which remains undiscovered while pain and hurt from the past overshadows the present. We are all amazing and unique beings with a real purpose in life and when the  clouds of fear, hurt and uncertainty are swept away the possibilities are limitless. The joy and privilege of watching a person grow into themselves and rediscover their own power touches my soul every time’.     


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