Mediumship Level 2 Intermediate

Following the completion of Level 1, this next level of working with your intuition further enhances your abilities through various techniques of receiving messages from the spirit world and passing the information to the recipient.

By building on your abilities to tune into the wisdom of the universe, you will not only help the people that you are reading for, but bring a deeper understanding of your own purpose and life lessons.

The interpretation of messages is a key component as often the ‘language’ used can be through pictures, senses and imagery that can sometimes be difficult to understand.  However, the technique of sharing the information helps to make it meaningful to the recipient as their understanding will be different to yours as this is in their experience of life.

What areas does Mediumship Development Level 2 cover?
  • Discipline in Mediumship
  • Deepening the connection
  • Platform Mediumship/individual readings
  • Public speaking
  • Effective and ethical delivery of messages
  • Problem solving; loss of connection, convoluted messages…
  • Ethics of mediumship – boundaries, empathy, equality
  • Practical mediumship
What will I receive on completion?


  • 10 x 3-hour sessions
  • Practical demonstration to invited guests
  • Plus home study, practice, feedback and journaling
  • Continued development of own manual of experience

Facilitator:   Anthony Kilner