Mediumship Level 2 Intermediate

Following on from Level 1, Anthony encourages further development into the art of the practicing medium.  The word Psychic comes from Greek origin meaning ‘of the soul’ and this is the key to enhancing our intuition. When we calibrate to our ‘soul frequency’ we access inner wisdom – that guiding voice. To achieve that connection, it is necessary to tune out the external distractions from everyday life by regularly practicing meditating, journaling or by taking a quiet, mindful walk.

The challenge is to sustain the necessary higher vibration for long enough to get a detailed message or impression and pass it on to the recipient. As there are different levels of consciousness and other dimensions of life that exist beyond the physical plane, messages do not come as we may expect.  They may come as emotions or pictures and it is necessary to interpret them clearly and simply. Even when they may not make any sense to the medium, they will have meaning to the recipient

What areas does Mediumship Development Level 2 cover?
  • Discipline in Mediumship
  • Deepening the connection
  • Platform Mediumship/individual readings
  • Public speaking
  • Effective and ethical delivery of messages
  • Problem solving – loss of connection
  • Ethics of mediumship – boundaries, empathy, equality
  • Practical mediumship


  • 10 x 3-hour sessions
  • Practical demonstration to invited guests
  • Plus home study, practice, feedback and journaling 

Facilitator:  Anthony Kilner

What will I receive on completion?

  • Certification
  • Continued development of own manual of experience
  • On-goings support as issues arise from the content
  • Entitlement to enrol of Mediumship Level 3