I first discovered alternative parenting strategies when my now 23-year-old was just 1 year old. Living in New Zealand and creating art to sell, I discovered that my practical nature was leading me down a path to developing my own systems that I now use for my 2 younger children and share with others.
A therapist once said to me ‘Connection is the key to everything!’ and these words have become a mantra. Wellbeing precedes success in everything and emotional health is a key component to wellbeing. For our children this means that the quality of their connection to us determines whether they thrive or not.  My work as a Teacher Aide has shed light on a growing need for new insight and strategies for children growing up right now.
When I create art that can be used as a tool to share what I’ve learnt, it’s pure joy! I hope to Inspire parents to look for new and different ways of interacting with their children; ways that  cost nothing but simply require some time, thought, energy and a different way of looking at things.
Individual Parenting Program
Art Day for Parents and Children
Course in 21st Century Parenting