Pellowah Training – Level 1

Pellowah is an Angelic word for ‘Radical Shift in Consciousness’

Pellowah is a simple, powerful and effective method to increase the capacity for positive change. It holds an extremely high-vibrational energy frequency, activating energetic shifts   of the mind and spirit.

Pellowah activates the students own spiritual light from within, unblocking and aligning the meridians and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace, inner confidence and inner strength.  It calms the emotions, clears the mind and connects the 12 energy strands of our DNA ready for activation.  Pellowah enables the student to achieve an expanded level of consciousness and awareness to operate on higher energetic frequencies, it helps us to become more attuned to energetic currents. Pellowah has been reported by students to almost always deepen and compliment any other natural modality or spiritual practice.

Pellowah works first and foremost on the auric field, then filters through to the physical body. It assists to dissolve negative energy, strengthens and balances the chakras and helps clients to connect more fully to their intuition and True Self.

Pellowah uses attunements to immediately connect students to its high vibrational energy and their intuition and inner guidance.  As a result, practising Pellowah feels almost effortless.

Since no physical touch is involved, a practitioner’s hands are free to glide through the auric field, making it ideal in situations such as working with children or those in hospital, where touch may not be appropriate.

Pellowah does not involve the use of guides, angels, Ascended Masters or the like; it teaches students to tap directly to Source/Creator Energy and draw the energy from there.  It is simply a pure, direct transference and experience of extremely high vibrational energy.

Pellowah has 3 Levels:  Level 1, 2 & 3. 

  • Level 1 being the Foundation Practitioner Level which allows students to practice Pellowah’
  • Level 2 is for practitioners who wish to enhance their skill and take it to a deeper level.
  • Level 3 is Teacher Level taught exclusively by Katchina Ma’an, founder of the Pellowah Healing Technique.

Courses are kept deliberately small, providing an intimate and informal setting to gain knowledge, share experiences with fellow students and acquire valuable practice and confidence with Pellowah.

Pellowah is fun and easy to learn and can be used to great effect immediately after completing a course. It benefits the student on many levels including self awareness, improved energy levels and greater insight into their abilities to connect to their intuition at a deep level.

Level 1 Practitioner Course  

At its conclusion, students will have:

  • Received a Level 1 attunement to connect them to the Pellowah energy frequency
  • Know how to use Pellowah energy to assist with emotional and physical issues
  • Learned a light meditation for strengthening the connection to Creator/ Source energy
  • Strengthened the Chakras with a unique and powerful Chakra Meditation
  • Understood how to work intuitively using high-vibrational energy
  • Learned how to set up and conduct both a private and professional Pellowah session
  • Learned how to use Pellowah on plants and animals
  • Understand the essential Pellowah practice rules in working with clients
  • Learned how to use Pellowah for distance work
  • Practiced Pellowah on others and built confidence in the practice.

Level 1 Training includes, on the day, a Comprehensive Manual, a 21 day follow up on-line training, support from the Trainer and Certification on completion of 3 case studies

Why Take a Pellowah Course?

  1. High vibrations. The higher the energy vibration we to connect to, the greater the feeling of wellbeing.  Pellowah is an exceptionally high-vibrational energy modality, that almost always has a positive impact on our mood.
  2. Improved clarity.By gaining greater clarity, particularly when it relates to our life purpose and our actions students regularly find that everything begins to ‘fall into place’ after a course as their energy and focus increases.
  3. Cleanses the meridians. Clearing the Meridians enhances the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself  When the energy flow is sluggish or blocked the body, struggles to work correctly impacting on general and emotional wellbeing.  
  4. Aura Balancing.It is being shown through quantum science that all illness originates in the aura and ultimately manifests in the physical body.  Pellowah energy works directly on the aura, creating balance in the physical body
  5. Improves and heightens intuition.By connecting more fully with the Higher True Self, Pellowah effortlessly improves intuition.
  6. Enhances other complimentary modalities .Other modalities can be enhanced by Pellowah energy. As awareness and connection is expanded students can become more in tune with all the other energy modalities.
  7. Connect to the light body Pellowah helps to activate the personal Merkabah.
  8. Benefits chronic conditions.Pellowah works at the level of the mind, thus changing unconscious mental patterns that typically hold us back. Once these old ‘mental’ patterns are addressed, beneficial results may be seen, even with long-standing issues.
  9. Improved optimism. By expanding both awareness and energy levels, Pellowah helps the student to be more optimistic. Since like attracts like, people usually find many aspects of their life improve as a result.
  10. Expand your range.Pellowah helps to tap into an expanded range of energy. As a result, energy modalities will be effective on a greater range of issues.

Student Course Materials

All students will receive:

  • Level 1 certification
  • Level 1 Pellowah manual
  • 21-day post course E-course – (send over a period of 2 weeks via email)


Michelle Sinclair