In My Heart Jo Witek


In My Heart by Jo Witek



A beautifully illustrated book, In My Heart explores emotions–happiness, sadness, bravery, anger, shyness and more.

Unlike other feelings books that tend to oversimplify, In My Heart lyrically explains what an emotion feels like, physically, inside. For example: “When I get really angry, my heart feels like it’s going to explode! Don’t come near me! My heart is yelling, hot and loud. This is when my heart is mad.”

Young children will be empowered by this new vocabulary and able to practice articulating and identifying their own emotions. On the cover and the right side of each spread, a die-cut heart decreases in size, creating a multi-coloured heart the depth of the entire book.

A great accompaniment to this book would be the Childrens 3-7yrs Affirmation Cards


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