Roxanne Viggiano

Roxanne has been involved in spiritual development for over 30 years.   Her passions have included astrology and tarot – working as a reader for over 12 years at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals around Australia leading to many invitations to present talks, interviews and courses on the subject both at the festivals and on radio.

She wrote a popular astrological column in Sydney during her time living there.

As well as utilising readings as a form of counselling and helping others in the life journey

Roxanne has been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years when not working as a professional pianist in musicals and cabarets.  Performance anxiety led her to serious investigation of stress management which in turn has led to many revelations about psychic phenomena and exciting realisations about human potential

Her motto ‘We are all unlimited spiritual beings having a physical experience on this Earth’


  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • 1 Year Transit Readings
  • Divination Workshop

Natal Chart:  Roxanne will prepare a personal Natal chart or as a unique gift for a new born.