Rune Reading

Rune reading is an ancient modality of divination based on the tradition of the Norse peoples using the symbols or Runes to identify issues in our lives and predict possible outcomes. The 25 Symbols were used by Shamans, both men or women, who travelled from place to place to give insight and ease the problems of the ones who needed advice. As a result, the Runic lore spread from the Scandinavian countries to Iceland, to the British Isles and other countries in Northern Europe through the Viking invasions. In some cases, the locals modified the names of the symbols to suit their own language, hence the variations of the names of each Rune.

The Norse Mythology explains how these symbols were brought to humankind through the sacrifice of the god Odin and are considered sacred. They are inspired or dedicated to the Norse gods, to forces of Nature and Natural Life.

They are very clear and accurate in their meaning.

If you compare them with other modalities like Tarot, you find that, even if they are just 25 in number, they are enough to make huge sense. Short and to the point.

What happens in a Rune Reading?

Usually a reading addresses the issues that concern the client. We examine where each problem has originated from,
how it stands in the present and how it can be overcome in the future, exploring the outcome of the client’s choices.

There is plenty of time to explore many aspects of the clients’ lives.  Questions may be vocalised or silent.

The reader encourages clients to take stock of their present position in life and make new and productive choices.

Duration:    30minutes         60 minutes

Reader:        Sophia Rigas

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