Rune Reading

What is Rune Reading?

Rune Divination or Rune Casting is not fortune telling, it is an evaluation process with the reader pointing out likely outcomes based on today.   It works deeply with the subconscious mind using a set of ancient symbols that represent the entire Universe.   As a question is asked, the conscious and unconscious mind is focused toward the question activating the Law of Attraction. Therefore, the Runes selected are not random, but choices made subconsciously.

Rune Casting operates on an ancient form of psychology; even back as far as Viking times, there was a remarkable understanding of the human psyche.  They recognized cause and effect and the interconnectedness of all things.  The ancient word to describe this interconnectedness wasWyrd’, translating today as ‘Weird’.    It did not originally mean something unusual or strange; it referred to the far-reaching effects of that which one does. The symbology attached to Wyrd was a spider web. When the spider moves on the web, it creates a vibration affecting the entire web and all that is contained within it. In the same way, our actions affect our immediate world and those around us and vice versa. The concept of ‘Fate’ was not as we know it today either; we see it a series of predestined events yet historically it meant a destiny created by one’s actions. 

What happens in a Rune Reading?

Usually a reading addresses one particular issue and examines the past, the present and the potential future if nothing changes today. The future is always considered to be subject to freewill or choice and is perceived as changeable.

You will be invited to ask the question either silently or verbally. The reader then draws a series of Runes from the pouch and lays them in a pattern. The symbols on the Runes are then interpreted and others drawn if clarification is required.

More than one question may be asked in a session.

Duration:    1 hour

Reader:        Sophia Rigas