Self Manifestation

It is always great to hear another persons viewpoint on the changes that are happening to us all. Everyone is feeling it differently so here is Sandy King’s experience.   Thanks Sandy for your insightful words.

When faced with the thought of writing a blog, as a first time blogger, my mind went blank. Inspiration was simply not forthcoming – however, the idea was exciting, and certainly something I wanted to do. Yesterday, I answered a question on a Facebook page, and, in doing so, a light bulb went on in my head, and I realised that this would be the topic for my blog. Why, you might ask. My answer is because there have been so many changes in my life this year, and, when I look back, I realise that c was quite correct in saying that “Change is the only constant in life”.
We learn and are conditioned into belief systems because of what society expects of us. There comes a time when we realise that we have stagnated, and are living in a rut of repetitive patterns – but don’t always know what to do to change those mundane habits in order to realise our truth and our own path. Unless we are able to make those changes ourselves, we are “nudged” in one way or another, to step out of the rut, to step o# the treadmill, and to experience the flowers in the fields alongside the path – to realise how many different varieties and fragrances there are for us to experience. We then realise what amazing scope is available to us once we break the realms of the norm. We also start realising that, when we follow our own passion, our new norm is actually the norm for so many other people – we start meeting those beautiful new souls, and, in that way, finding confidence to continue, to learn and absorb everything we can, like a desert soaking up the rain water a1er a long drought. We realise the magnificence of all that is available to us – and we live in that new realm, learning from the abundant knowledge, and bringing added knowledge to that great library of reference. Our minds are so powerful and so capable of beautiful, healing thoughts.
Although there have been a number of occurrences in my life, all of which have lead me to where I am now, the biggest and most lasting changes have really happened this year. The “nudge” from the Universe for me, was consistent pain caused by newly diagnosed osteoarthritis in my hip. I had been to see various people for help, and that pain was persistent. I started to despair in the fact that, for the rest of my life, I would be walking with a limp, and, without hip-replacement surgery, would eventually end up in a wheel chair. This was not what I envisaged as my preferred future. This was when I embarked on a journey of discovery (for me) and Intuitive Healing sessions with Jane and Dave. On this journey, I have learnt so much about our own perception of situations – and if we change our perceptions, our entire outlook on the world changes. By changing our outlook on life, and by changing ourselves, others around us also change, because their views and statements no longer have the same effect on us as they had previously had. If we affect change within ourselves, we also effect change in the world around us – thereby creating the never-ending ripples in the pond of humanity, as a pebble does as it breaks the surface of a body of water.
If we are open to change, we will always be interested in what will happen next – and will never tire of life, because there is always something new to create and to experience. We truly can attract all we manifest for ourselves.
Thank you for spending this time with me, I wish you all Love, Peace and Happiness as you continue in this amazing world.

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