Sensitive Resonance Therapy Certification

Certificated Training Course


What is Sensitive Resonance Therapy?

“Everything vibrates and is connected to each other; people, animals, stones and colours…. all send out information.”

Erich Koerbler (Austrian life energy scientist, died 1994)

Based on the research of Erich Koerbler, Sensitive Resonance Therapy is a unique and easy way of activating the healing process by using signs, geometrical forms and symbols that have a specific charge.

It is very easy in use as one does not need technical devices and helps to discover harmful electromagnetic pollution, earth rays, water-veins and its effect on health and well being.

How does it work?

Using a resonating one hand dowsing rod for Informational Dowsing, questions can be asked and answered accurately.   By recognising disturbances in the energy system, harmonising and balancing at the meridian and acupuncture points will be achieved by using geometric symbols.

In addition, it is possible to work on all levels with healing information transmitted to water as researched by Masaru Emoto, the information received from the Psycho- Meridian and using crystals and gemstones. As a result, the healing occurs on a holistic level.

Do I need any experience?

It is necessary to have completed the Dowsing for Health Workshop to understand the biophysical background which will prepare the field for testing accurately. You will learn to dowse effectively using an energetic vector circle to find out about the severity of stress and exposure or intolerance for your whole being.

What does the course cover?

You will learn how to –

  • develop an accurate picture and understanding of the individual being tested
  • establish the influences working negatively within the energy system, caused by allergies, mycosis, amalgam or other heavy metals balance and health through the meridian and acupuncture points using ‘Healing Symbols’
  • harmonize negative influences using geometric symbols
  • eliminate interferences from scars, tattoos and jewellery
  • create ‘Message of Water’ and work with the energised water

‘If you look at the water, the water looks back at you. What you think is the landscape of your heart, your vibrancy and the water absorbs all of it’.   

Masaru Emoto – Book – The Message from Water Volume I

How can I benefit from this course?

You can use the information to –

  • activate your body’s own healing ability supporting good health and well being
  • work with family and friends or add to your modalities as a practitioner
  • work with acute illnesses, cuts, burns, nose bleeding, sprains etc. or chronic diseases
  • work with limited beliefs or a variety of psychological and psychosomatic patterns.
  • balance the Meridians to clear blockages and restore the flow for well-being
  • understand and balance energetic disturbance within our body
  • understand the impact on health of modern day living

Facilitator:      Petra Stampfer

Duration:         2 days