Sound Healing Workshop Series

Eileen brings her immense experience and gentle skills to this series of three workshops to create peace and harmony in your life. In these stressful days, a small oasis of deep relaxation can make a world of difference to our general health.  Add in the vibrations of sound, known to positively affect our body systems and you have the recipe for balance.

Create Calmness

Discover how to bring moments of calmness into even your busiest day – yes, it is possible!  Your thoughts like taking control by creating stories that can prompt a range of emotions, like fear and anxiety. This workshop shows you how to be in charge. The session is packed with practical ideas, including stress busters, affirmations, sound, movement and mini-meditations.

Relax Deeply

You are gently guided to ‘let go’ of stress and challenging situations during this nurturing workshop. The session starts with gentle movement and relaxation to release any tightness you may be holding in your physical body.  As your body relaxes, your mind quietens and you feel peaceful within – and you flow so easily into a creative visualisation and then rest deeply in meditation.

Stepping into Mindfulness

Discover easy ways to quieten your chattering mind by bringing mindfulness into your everyday life.  The concept is simple – when you connect with your senses and physical body you come into the present moment, and you feel calm, quiet and balanced. Join this delightful workshop to create greater awareness of yourself and the sensory world that surrounds you.

Duration:   3 x 90 minutes

Facilitator:  Eileen Vamos

Eileen also offers Sound Healing Meditations  and  individual sessions