Crystals for Healthy Skin and Liver

Crystal for the Skin

Aventurine is a multipurpose crystal for skin ailments. If you submerge the crystal in water overnight, you can wash your skin and hair with the energetically charged water to help with acne, allergies, flaky skin, dandruff, hair loss and many other skin irritations. It also helps heal wounds.

Love your Liver

As the days gradually become longer and warmer it is really important to kick start our health for the increased activity that the sunny weather will promote.  We will want to go out walking, working hard in the garden, take exercise to tone up for that lovely  swimwear we bought in the sales and of course Spring cleaning.  Our bodies respond to this by mobilising the eliminative organs to detox the accumulated waste of a sedentary Winter.

While the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin all play a major role in this important cleansing process, it is the liver that is most in focus now as springtime energies stimulate the liver to cleanse the blood and internal organs of impurities. These impurities may be due to fatty, processed or undigested foods, a deficiency in enzymes, or environmental toxins including heavy metals, drugs, poisonous chemicals, polluted air and contaminated water. When the body is overburdened with toxins, the liver may be stressed causing symptoms such as allergies, headaches, nausea, irritability, foggy thinking, muscle tension, skin eruptions, itching and fatigue.

In women, PMS, fibroids and endometriosis are signs of liver stress, since the liver must process excess estrogens out of the bloodstream.

Spring is the best time to do the liver-gallbladder flush, so make an appointment with Catherine, our natural health practitioner to get this underway.

Crystals for the Liver: 

AmethystEither Amethyst  or Citrine can be used to energise water to enhance  liver function.  Some suggest Malachite but this must never be placed directly in water to be ingested as it becomes toxic in that form.