Trance Channel Healing interview with Dave Offer – Rangid Part 3

SPEAK UP 4 Oneness media presents an interview with Dave Offer a spiritual intuitive healer who works with a spirit entity named Ranjid enabling healing in alignment with the higher self of a person.

Dave Offer describes his fascinating life growing up in London, working for the Crown Jewellers and becoming a buyer of quality silver around the world. He speaks of life changes which led him into the fascinating reality of hands on spiritual healing.

Together with his wife Jane they ran a Natural Health Centre called Spectrum Health Trust in Britain an accredited training centre. They had clients in the UK, USA and Europe. They had the opportunity to work in prisons, with drug addicts and alcoholics and those with a range of health problems. They regarded their healing work as complimentary to modern medicine. Today they work with a group of incredible practitioners and trainers drawn together to establish The Purple Dragonfly Centre in Warrandyte to share the combined knowledge and support with the community.

Dave discusses his experience as a trance healer and how he was led into this reality. He speaks about the process of following his guide Silver Wolf, An American Indian, learning to trust and follow. He said he has a healthy scepticism, questioned his sanity and was convinced that this was real and to learn to let go of control and allow.

He met is spiritual healing partner, Rangid Singh. He speaks of how Rangid came to him and overtime how he learned to use trance to allow Rangid to heal. He said he lost time and had no idea what had happened.

During the interview Rangid comes into the conversation and explains who he is and what he does and why? He speaks of his collaboration with David. At one point Rangid explains how he identifies cancer in the body and how he rebalances the body’s energy systems to align with the true nature. He speaks about the basic cause of all illness and dis-ease. He explains what the purpose of every human is.

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David Offer

Dave lives with his wife in Warrandyte, Melbourne. Together they work at the Purple Dragonfly. If you wish to contact David please visit their shop.

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