Can We Change The World?

We have all read about the belief that our thoughts change our personal universe and the world at large.  You must have thought, like me, can that really be the case?   Surely not! I can’t influence anything.  Well, it seems we can.  We do indeed create an effect with how we feel and what we think.

The Global Consciousness Project has been running in Princetown University in USA since 1998 and  monitors the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.   There are  60 active receptors in the network; in Europe, the US, Canada, India, Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Thailand, South America and Australia.  They measure unexpected deviations associated with Global Events when there is widespread participation or reaction to the event.     When millions of people share intentions and emotions the network data show massive spikes that deviate from the normal random readings.  Spikes occurred at the time of Diana Princess of Wales death, 9/11, the tsunami in Thailand and more recently the Paris bombings.  In fact over 500 major world events have been identified to coincide with a spike in the data.   The chances of this happening coincidentally are a trillion to one!

Simply put, when our thoughts and emotions join with others it effects what is around us. How exciting is it to think that we have that level of influence?  Just imagine what we could achieve by joining our focus with others in compassion rather than judgement; by using our natural desire to be kind and honouring the differences in people.  So let us try it out from today.

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