Go Within

Many of us seeking the purpose of our life have the growing understanding that everyone who touches our life offers an important step in our personal growth.  The more challenging the experience each one brings, the deeper we are invited to look into ourselves – to really know ourselves.  We often miss the point of the experience by making it about ourselves; our hurt or upset. We get lost in the emotional chaos that our feelings create and spend time on guilt, anger and blame believing that as a ‘spiritual’ person we shouldn’t hold these feelings.  But we are human, we do have these feelings and the true spiritual path is to acknowledge that within us and accept it, not fight it.  Accepting is not condoning of course but by knowing that side to us, and acknowledging the gift the other person offers by bringing it to our attention, helps us to live in mastery.

It is only through someone instilling impatience in us that we can possibly understand what it is to be patient; the person who causes us to make judgements about them or ourselves gives us the opportunity to cease to judge; by experiencing lack we can know the joy of abundance.  Without sorrow we cannot know joy and without resentment we cannot learn compassion and the only way we can receive these opportunities to explore is through others.

We each hold a unique piece of the jigsaw that makes up the picture of life; each piece has its own shape, design and aspect and our piece is solely ours.  We are invited to notice that as each piece falls into place around us, fitting perfectly in with our piece, the picture becomes clearer and wider so we can gain clarity and inner peace.  As our inner wisdom grows we begin to see each event as a gift and not an aggravation, teaching us to be more aligned with our true nature and to harmonise with those around us.   Each of us faces life based on the stories that have created our frame of reference; thoughts, feelings and beliefs put in place by others over many years that can give us a skewed vision of who we are and what we are not.  We then try to make decisions based on that vision of self and often we become disappointed or highly judgemental of our perceived ‘failures’.  We are so hard on ourselves and feel that in some way we are just not good enough.  But good enough for what?  We know  that no-one else can hold the position of being us; our jigsaw piece is unique and ours alone.  Therefore, by deduction we must be the ‘best man for the job’.

The Purple DragonflyWe each face challenges in life to one degree or another and we cannot compare these situations to another’s joy or pain.  No-one is better or worse off than another; it is simply the pattern of their piece of the jigsaw.  For some, another’s journey may seem unbearable yet it brings us the message of courage and strength so that we can weave into our own discoveries.   Our observations teach  us both gratitude and fortitude; grateful for being who we are and the knowing that we are incredibly strong and resourceful and fabulous into the bargain.

So over this holiday period use your well earned rest to become the observer; observe your reaction to those around you and accept it as an opportunity to know yourself.   Find your boundary and know how far you are prepared to go to accommodate another’s behaviour and how far you are prepared to buy into their perception of you.   Is it true?  After all they can only guess at what you think, feel or believe – they have no true idea as the only framework they have is their own.  Go within, quietly and with purpose because it is not for anyone else.  They have done their job by bringing it to your attention, now it is your turn to assess what it means for you.