Times they are a-changing!

Have you noticed that your life is changing; things don’t seem quite the same in your thoughts, your feelings and what you are prepared to accept into your life?  It’s as though suddenly you can see more clearly what has been going on and that you are ready to ‘do it different’.    It can be painful, disorientating and unsettling on the one hand but deeply insightful on the other.

Why does the persistent and relentless energy of change seem to be stronger at the moment? Part of the reason is, that during late August and the first half of September, the Sun was in Virgo creating a move to deeper awareness and strengthening our desire for positive change to come forward, with its essence being that any change is better than no change at all.  This may have created some concerns but, as the Sun enters Libra, many of the blocks that have been standing in our way to achieving a fabulous and joyous life, can dissolve when we embrace the opportunity to receive the information that allows us to make well informed choices.  When we allow life to flow, we align ourselves to what sits deep in our own knowing, take action and change our future.

If you don’t like something, change it.

If you can’t change it, change your attitude toward it.

~  Maya Angelou

Some of us do not like change, we may even be afraid of it, but we cannot allow that to lure us into accepting any circumstance that is not comfortable.  We can accept that we are the only one that can change our life; no outside influence or person can do that for us or to us.  Only we, the individual, can challenge our own thought patterns, make a different choice and become awakened and empowered by life. It takes courage to step out onto that road of discovery but the inevitability of time means that nothing can stay the same anyway so we may as well take that first step consciously.

We have the potential to create changes right across our life; doing nothing or having nothing happen will not be possible for anyone at this time and by December this year we will each have had the opportunity to move through a really positive phase.  This phase has the potential to change every area of our life including, family, home, career and even relationships if we choose.  All we have to do take that first step!

Jane xxx