Sodalite is the Crystal for Truth Seekers

Crystals are a fantastic source of support that are easily available, inexpensive and simple to use.

‘Hmm’, you say, ‘how can a bit of rock help in any way?’

In the early days, my thoughts exactly.  Some nonsense dreamed up by someone who had a lot of rocks in their garden – even maybe in their head – that could not possibly help anyone.  But me being me, I looked into it; after all, if people believed it, who was I to say ‘Rubbish’ without investigation.

The Purple DragonflyI had crystal healing, researched the science behind vibration and frequencies with the growing quantum information that was becoming available and began to see the logic in the power of crystals.  Now, I use them regularly for many different purposes.

Sodalite – Description:

Beautiful blue Sodalite is a crystal that has a strong vibration which focuses our attention on the qualities of idealism and truth.  Its energy helps us to live up to our own ideals and ideas about the nature of truth and is particularly helpful in aiding the development of intuition.   Sodalite is laced with white inclusions of Calcite which connects the higher levels of consciousness promoting our connection to our inner knowing.

Sodalite is commonly found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Namibia, Russia and Tanzania

Uses of Sodalite:

When we need to find the core truth in any situation we can use Sodalite to encourage us forward to honour and speak our truth gently, without force.  It helps us stand up for our beliefs by enhancing the self-expression and confidence necessary for the Truth Seeker, as often our truth will be misunderstood or not accepted by others.   People are not being difficult when they challenge us, it is merely that  it can be difficult to accept another’s opinion especially when it is not aligned our own.  It is comfortable to remain static in our thoughts because we fear that if we have to change one way of thinking it will naturally affect everything we believe. This is living in an unconscious state of being; we like in our comfort zone, to know where we stand, even if we don’t like the view.   The Truth Seeker lives outside those boundaries in a conscious state and is the instigator of change.

Sodalite works with two Chakras; the Throat and the Third Eye combining order and calmness to the mind encouraging rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition with the ability to speak this truth clearly and concisely.  It helps us to trust our own judgment by enhancing self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust and to fearlessly step out on the adventure by releasing old conditioning and programming of the past which have no further purpose.

On an esoteric level Sodalite is considered a stone of awakening as it stimulates the Third Eye through the Pineal Gland.   This will guide us on our spiritual path by opening the subconscious mind and helping us to see the symbols and messages being presented to us constantly for guidance and direction.

In our physical life Sodalite encourages structure and is useful in finding efficient ways of dealing with daily tasks and problems. It eases fear as it rises up in new situations or re-creations of old negative patterns, so that familiar feeling of panic that would normally turn us away from a situation, seeps away leaving structured thinking to successfully work it out.

Sodalite is linked to the Moon and the Elements of Water and Air.  The Moon is The Purple Dragonflythe feminine energy of creative thinking, seeing the hidden in the obvious. It allows us to see the symbolism clearly and to think ‘outside the box’ with clarity and structure.   Both Water and Air flow and move freely and when our thoughts are free to flow we have no restriction either.  Think of the gentleness of all three of these, Moon, Water and Air, but also see the power they each have; the Moon moves the tides sometimes creating floods, Water can break free with devastating results when restricted and Air can become a hurricane.  Our thoughts can become equally strong and damaging to our spirit when they are confined, curtailed or restricted.   

Ways to incorporate Sodalite:

  1. Choose a suitable Sodalite crystal and carry it with you preferably against your skin
  2. Wear a bracelet or necklace made of Sodalite
  3. Choose a Sodalite crystal tree, pyramid or other shape as an ornament to enhance your living space.
  4. Make a Sodalite Elixir

Make an Elixir:

Sodalite Elixir is made by the Indirect Method as Sodalite contains Aluminium and therefore should not be placed directly in the water used to make the Elixir.

Indirect Method:


  • A small glass bowl
  • A larger glass bowl
  • A clear lid or plastic wrap
  • Rainwater, natural spring water, non-carbonated mineral water or tap water


  • Place the cleansed Sodalite crystal in the small glass bowl and stand this inside the  large glass bowl.
  • Fill the large bowl with enough water to raise the level above the crystal in the inner bowl.
  • Stand in the sunlight or moonlight for several hours. If this is outside cove with a lid or plastic wrap.
  • Decant the water into a glass bottle.
  • Top up with a preservative such as apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine or brandy (for adults only).  This is the Mother Tincture and is used to create the remedy.
  • Add 7 drops of the Mother Tincture to pure water in a 15ml dropper bottle and add a little more suitable preservative.
  • For best results, take three to four drops of the gem elixir under your tongue, three times daily for at least a month. Or take three to four drops of the elixir in a glass of water three times a day.

Note: Doubling the dose does not double the effects as Gem elixirs are designed to be taken in small doses. Take the elixir consciously, pause for a moment and thank the spirit of the stone for its help.

Astrology and Numerology linked to Sodalite:

Sodalite connects to the Sun Sign Sagittarius and the numerical influence of 4.

Sagittarius encourages a curious, open and energetic mind; it is an adventurer with philosophical view searching for the meaning of life with optimism and enthusiasm.

Number 4 is the number of organisation, tenacity and focus.  It offers support, encouragement and inner-strength, enabling us to do what we need to do and achieve our goals with diligence and proficiency.

Sagittarius combined with Number 4 creates a force to be reckoned with; strong, structured yet fluid, curious and free.

Animal Totem – Crocodile

Crocodile has lived on this planet since prehistoric times and reminds us that we are infinite beings with a spirit that survives eternally.   Due to its long survival on the planet, it is considered to be the keeper of all knowledge. The most important part of Crocodile’s message is that we must look for every opportunity to ingest new knowledge and wisdom ourselves.  We are invited to generate patience as this is the beginning of a period of growth and regeneration so take time to breathe and stay balanced through the changes.

Essential Oil – Black Pepper

Black Pepper essential oil is a great way to relieve feelings of anxiety.  Place a few drops in a diffuser and allow the aroma to fill your living space.  Sit quietly holding a Sodalite crystal and relax.  The feelings will lift and with the mind clear, the way forward will show itself.

Note: When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.  Combine stones for short periods to begin with, so you can assess what works most effectively for you. 

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