The Alchemist Trail

The Alchemist Trail

Are you ready to achieve an amazing life?

What if there were just seven principles that   shaped our lives?

What if these principles encompass all religions, had their ancient origins in our earliest civilisations and became seven simple steps toward personal power with practical application to daily life?

The Alchemist Trail is a course designed for those that want to make some deep and serious life changes and, along with practical, thought provoking exercises, discussion and subject matter, we use the beautiful and effective Australian Aromatic Essences to increase and enhance the inner shift.                  

During the course you will –

  • explore the Seven Principles by which the Universe and everything within it is governed
  • look in depth at how these principles impact us individually
  • determine how to recalibrate your view of your life experiences and turn them into the creative force for a powerful and magical life
  • find your unique and personal way to release the past, live every moment fully and create a fantastic future

You receive an Australian Aromatic Essence Free with each session which works with the emotional issues addressed throughout the course.

Each bottle will last between 3 weeks to a month and,  by its daily use, you access and gently dissolve the core blocks that prevent total resolution.

 Session duration:          7 sessions x 2½hours at monthly intervals

Cost:                                $57 per month                                                                                                                                                          

2 sessions payable as a deposit and the balance paid monthly by transfer

Facilitator:                      Jane Offer