Dr Tony Byrne

Dr Tony  is a qualified and registered Gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

He has a keen interest in metaphysical health and is working on a bridge between the fields of mental health and meta energy.

He is experienced in facilitating and setting up systemic Family Constellations revealing subconscious patterns, that pass from generation to generation and are often out of our awareness; in particular, depression, anxiety and a sense of being burdened without understanding why.  Letting go of what is not ours to carry, lies at the heart of this work as is bringing back the excluded family member, whose absence has profound negative impacts upon current generations, and acknowledging heavy fates and loss that lie in the family tree.

As a hypnotherapist, Tony brings to light past life influences on our present life as well as using hypnotherapy for issues ranging from weight loss to experiencing deep relaxation. Tony is also trained in Reiki and Pellowah energy work.


Past Life Regression 
Gestalt Therapy