Your Body Knows Best

Health and Wellness Programme Level 1

The practice of Meditation for Health can help to reduce stress, minimise anxiety and create a calm environment for the body to heal.  It is known that stress is the underpinning of all illness, but, what we may also know, is that the mind is a powerful tool that we can use to attain and maintain our own health.  By connecting to this part of our innate ability, we can stay in control of our life choices and our health and wellness.

During the course we look at the nature of illness, the emotions playing a major part in creating physical conditions, explore the links to the emotions and learn method to manage our own wellness.  Using tried and tested techniques, that can be simply introduced to our daily routine, we can work towards reducing anxiety and stress, bringing symptoms into check and restoring balance.  We will also look at Holistic First Aid.

Some of the other areas we will explore include -
Colour    Guided Visualisation    Crystals    Energy Balancing    Essential Oils  

Increasingly, these methods have been scientifically proved to reduce anxiety, medication and pain levels while elevating mood and vitality.

Benefits of Healing Meditation:
  • Increased immune function and decreases pain and inflammation
  • Increased positive emotion while decreasing anxiety and depression
  • Increased social connection and emotional intelligence
  • Increased sense of compassion
  • Improved ability to regulate your emotions and improve self-control
  • Increased focus and attention to improve your ability to multitask
  • Improved ability to be creative and think outside the box
 What will I learn in the programme?

In each session, a different area of the body will be addressed, to explore its function and meaning and the reason for conditions that manifest there particularly.  You will learn to read the message that the body gives you through pain or disease and how to combat them naturally.  Also, you will learn -

  • How to calm the mind for greater focus
  • Effective Meditation techniques to maintain health and wellness
  • How to be mindfulness of the body and its functions
  • How to connect to the body for guidance on resisting dis-ease
  • The psychoneuroimmunology of illness
  • Self-healing with crystals, essential oils and other natural methods
What will I receive?
  • Individual consultation to determine health status
  • Handouts on the different body systems
  • Meditation and visualisation techniques to enhance your physical, emotional and mental health
  • On-going information and support
  • The opportunity to enrol for Health and Wellness Programme Level 2

Duration:                    8 x 2-hour sessions

Facilitator:                  Jane Offer

Also Available - Your Body Knows Best Level 2