Working with Pendulums

A pendulum is any small weighted object suspended from a thread or chain and has been used traditionally for centuries to determine the sex of eggs or foetuses, diagnose illnesses, find the locations of lost objects or people, answer a range of questions and much more.

The practice of using a pendulum is called dowsing, an activity that our body has naturally; it gives us messages when we are thirsty or tired by creating reactions. The obvious ones we listen too but the more subtle ones we overlook or discount entirely.

Working on the principle that at some level we already know the answers we seek; the principle that we are all connected, the pendulum brings those reactions into our awareness by making easy to read movement.

What will I learn?

In this short session you will learn how to –

  • choose a pendulum
  • attunement, cleansing and care
  • read the pendulum messages
  • create personal dowsing charts
  • observe the protocol and boundaries of using a pendulum
  • dowse using different tools
How can I benefit from using a pendulum?

Pendulum dowsing helps you to –

  • choose foods that are healthy for your body
  • know what minerals you may be lacking
  • the best colour to wear on a particular day
  • which remedies would be most beneficial
  • choose a specific crystal or essential oil required
  • bring clarity into your life

Come and join us on this little adventure!

Bring your own pendulum or use one of ours. Charts and handouts provided

Duration:            2 ½ hours   

Facilitator:          Jane Offer