Our Story

The Purple Dragonfly - Our Mission

Creating an ethical and effective safety NET built on Nurturing, Empowerment & Trust

"Our purpose is not to fix you in any way, because we do not presume you are broken.
Instead we work with you to find what is limiting you and holistically heal the situation.
We offer an authentic down-to-earth approach to health and wellness that empowers you as an individual”.

Our Story

The Purple Dragonfly organisation was born out of need; a need to share our 40+ years of experience in the natural health arena with as many people as possible. These  years are reflective of a personal journey that required answers to challenging questions, support for an undiagnosed debilitating condition for a sick child and a need to be heard and understood.

Jane and David Offer, launched the UK based Natural Health Centre in 1989 with a group of equally passionate practitioners. It originally ran from Jane’s home, but very quickly a suitable building had to be found, large enough to accommodate the growing demand for their services. So Spectrum Health Trust was named and relocated to the quiet English countryside. In those days, natural health was regarded with suspicion and curiosity but slowly a solid reputation was built on trust and effectiveness.

By 1995, 29 therapists were delivering a wide range of modalities, alongside 5 administrative staff managing the not-for-profit organisation. Spectrum Health Trust was an Accredited Training Centre involved in delivering programs in prisons, working with young people who had rejected formal education.  It was also supporting Equality in Health in a Government funded regeneration programme and had a growing base of clients from across the UK, Europe and USA, wanting to understand and take more control of their own health. As public interest and need rapidly grew for the complementary approach to health, Jane and David established two other satellite centres in England, worked in USA and delivered training until 2006.

At this point retirement was on the horizon and Jane’s daughter had migrated to Australia. On their first visit, Jane and David fell in love with the country and the very difficult decision was made to close down the Centre, retire and relocate. Despite the closure, each of the practitioners are still working and sharing their skills with others; some even created mini-centres of their own so the work has now spread even wider. Plus, an organisation for ethical training for healers was formed by one of the graduated students, which now has branches across England.

So the UK chapter of life ended and a new phase began in Australia. As it turned out, retirement was not an option; so much knowledge and passion could not rest. Very quickly a group of incredible practitioners and trainers drew together and The Purple Dragonfly was created, ready to share its combined knowledge and support with the community.

We became an accredited training centre for programs   endorsed by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, which operates  through our not-for-profit organisation, The Oak Tree Organisation Australia.    

Now we are back full circle, working from our home - a place of serenity - still sharing our accumulated knowledge, guidance from the Universe, healing arts  and any other neccessity that provides a safe haven for the community.  We also offer workshops, on many subjects, one-off events and, of course,  a growing service online.

We operate with no judgement, discrimination or other undermining
of individual rights and uniqueness.

We welcome you all!

*Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional.
All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical
and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.                    
We advise that you  consult your doctor or health care professional before starting any
complementary or alternative treatments,  diets, supplements or exercise programs.