Angel Wisdom

A reading that taps into Angel Wisdom, opens a channel to the Angelic Realms to receive guidance on the many areas of life’s challenges and the journey that we elected to take this lifetime.  It is a powerful tool that gives insight into our purpose and uses many and varied skills in the process.

The reader may use cards, the numbers connected to your birthdate, clairvoyance, mediumship to access the energy of those that have passed that knew you well in life and pure intuitive connections at soul level. Whatever the method the information is always of the same quality and gives guidance in times of indecision, stress, grief and trauma.

When would it be useful to have an Oracle Reading?

We often find ourselves having to make decisions and to deal with challenging emotional issues.  This is the perfect time to have an Angel Wisdom reading when we need to  –

  • Gain clarity and insight into the challenges and choices life presents
  • See a way forward after an emotionally traumatic time
  • Connect to loved ones and ease the sense of loss of a bereavement
  • Understand our responsibility in the choices we make
  • Strengthen our resolve when making difficult decisions
  • Follow with confidence what we ‘know’ to be right for our journey
  • Gain the peace of mind necessary to living a balanced life
An Angel Wisdom Reading will –
  • Transform your thinking to gain clarity to any situation and -
  • Give you a new perspective in any situation
  • Generate a sense of awareness and knowing
  • Help find peaceful conclusions in dealing with those around you
  • Nurture meaningful relationships
  • Help you gain confidence and a sense of personal power to more forward
  • Support radical changes in thinking, feelings and life itself
  • Help you to understand and flow in harmony with your life purpose

Oracle Card Readings are available at weekends and weekdays by appointment

Duration:      30 minutes        60 minutes

Reader:         Ciera Raphael