Listen to the Stillness

Listen to the Stillness

The main question to ask about our use of intuition is “Do I follow my own sense of knowing ordo I look outside of myself for direction and affirmation?  We must remember that when anyone offers their guidance, they are giving an opinion based on what they would do if they were us, with our set of life experiences, our emotional intelligence and our unique purpose for this life time.  But clearly they cannot know us at that deep level, so their opinion can only be based in their own framework of experience and  fears generated by our situation.

For example, take the case of a woman deciding to end her marriage.  If she asks everyone she knows what she should do, she will get very many different answers. There will be those that are in similar circumstances but are too afraid to take that final step – their answer, NO.  There are those that have made the choice and will want to feel vindicated in their decision by seeing others in the same boat – their answer, YES. There will be those that feel affronted by the behaviour of the partner and want some type of payback yet they fear the lack of financial and social support – their answer, NO. There will be family members who may have known the partner for some time, some my love him and others may not, so here the answer will be mixed – YES and NO.  Then there are others who may feel there will be an impact on their life through some perceived idea of added responsibility to help out in some way, either practically or financially.  Again, there will be those that are attracted in to the situation because they love to feel needed and others that do not want to get involved.

So many viewpoints, so many variables, that it is clear to see that there is only one outcome that this type of external advice can possibly achieve –  Chaotic Thinking!  This is the time to step away, go outside and breathe.  Time to find inner peace and quiet,    a sense of calm understanding and,  most importantly, a moment of  absolute and pure clarity!     

 The Law of Intuition shows us that it is very important to live with integrity and authenticity because there is a fine line between getting useful feedback and using it to develop ourselves constructively or, on the other hand, feeling at the mercy of other’s opinions.  When we are constantly examining whether we are on the right track as defined by someone else or are sensitive to criticism, we expend a lot of mental and emotional energy.  This effort will block us from our intuition, our inner voice.

By ignoring our intuition, we begin to lack a clear identity and we begin to define ourselves by what others think and their attitudes and feelings towards us.  As it is impossible to be certain how they see or feel about us, we fill in the gaps from our imagination fuelled by our insecurities.

When we do not have a clearly defined ‘knowing’ of our true essence then others will decide for us and we feel at the mercy of their thoughts. Using our intuition gives us the mastery of taking other people’s input and using it as a balance rather than being disempowered by their opinions.   As we tap into our intuition with integrity, we learn how to translate perceived criticism as constructive feedback and use that to work on our way forward rather than let it destroy our confidence in our own ability to make effective decisions.  After all, when someone voices their opinion concerning our behaviour or choices, they are merely a reflecting back to themselves.

A useful statement, provided by Dan Millman, supporting our use of our own intuition reads as follows –

‘As I stop monitoring other’s opinions, I connect with my own hearts’ wisdom.
What others think of me is really none of my business as I have an inspired, emotional connection with my own inner voice.

I give authority to my quiet inner voice which is the only opinion that ultimately has any value to me.

I contact the centre of my feeling and then I can listen to other’s opinions without losing sight of my own intuition.
My intuition is the place from which I determine what is best for my own life and I let others do the same.
I make use of other’s vies without being dependant upon them.
I don’t resist, ignore or seek others opinions, but rather listen to and acknowledge them,
take what is useful, submitting all views to the wisdom of my own heart.

Next time others have opinions about who I am or what I am doing,
I can thank them for sharing, acknowledge their opinion and let them know
‘Here is who I am, here is what I need, here is what I am doing’
Dan Millman

An excerpt from The Alchemist Trail. Copyrightjcgyoffer/2017                          See all our Blogs