Chi Therapy

Chi Therapy uses a unique Chi machine which promotes human well-being by rocking the reclining body from left to right in a gentle rhythmic undulating motion.  As a result the entire spinal column and all of its muscles are exercised.

Invented originally by Japanese medical doctor, Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Oxygen Association of Japan, the principles of the Chi Machine are based on the results of his intensive research.  His device promotes gentle and rhythmic exercise based on medical and physiological sciences.

The level of oxygen created in the body in a 10 minute session is equivalent to that of a 30 minute workout.

What can Chi Therapy address?

  • Stiffness throughout the body
  • Skeletal and muscular pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Release of toxins in the tissues
  • Maintenance of general good health through natural stress free movement
  • Stress tension
  • Headaches
  • Increase the oxygen in the system

What will I experience in a session?    

Lying flat on your back with your feet elevated on the Chi Machine’s footrest, your legs swing gently from left to right in a regular, relaxing pattern.  You swivel from foot to waist, from waist to chest and from the chest to the cervical vertebra and head. The entire spinal column and all of its muscles are exercised. The Chi Machine drives the two rotating regions, the neck and the waist and causes a motion similar to a fish swimming in water.   When the time lapses, your body will feel both energised and relaxed; you have the sensation of ‘fizzing’.  It is important to lie still for a few moments and enjoy the sensations in the body.

Note:   Chi Therapy must not be used –

  • during pregnancy
  • with serious heart disease
  • with serious infection
  • bleeding injuries
  • with epilepsy
  • up to 3 months after major surgery or bone fracture
  • children under 4 years old
  • within 30 minutes of eating – longer after large meals

Duration:                Initially 5-10 minutes building up with regular sessions

Practitioner:            Jane Offer