This science combines the practices of Chiromancy and Chirognomy.

Chiromancy is the study of the lines of our palm, which express our emotional tendencies and social attitudes. These characteristics evolve over time, reflecting our choices and experiences.  It also gives us insight into our own lives but that of our relatives.   The information available through reading the lines in the palm helps to predict any up and coming changes in all area of our life, giving us an opportunity to review our thinking and take action accordingly.

Chirognomy deals with the shape of our hand, thumb, and fingers, which reveal aspects of our personality. Our thoughts and emotions influence these components as we go through life. Understanding the information contained in the shape of the hand not inly indicate events that may be due to happen but also how our personality or outside influence can either create or change them.  It is said that a right handed person’s left hand shows their character, destiny and personality and the right hand shows the direction of their  life. For left-handed people, it is the reverse.

 The Benefits of Reading the Hands:
  • Be aware of any impending or potential health issues
  • Create stronger relationships with family and colleagues
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our personality
  • Awareness of the influences around us
  • Achieve and be more productive in life
  • Be prepared for any eventuality
  • Have more choices in life
  • Find direction and determine goals more easily

Duration:          30 minutes

Practitioner:     Ailee Shen