Ciera Raphael

Ciera is a warm and compassionate vegan who connects strongly with respect for all within the universe.  She is a clairvoyant, psychic Medium with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and Intuitive empathy with 36 years of experience in reading for people.

She inherited her connection and her special gifts from her grandmother, who was a 5th generation psychic. As a child, she saw visions on the blackboard and became aware of her purpose through those visions.

Over the years Ciera studied in many areas of spiritual development and, as a reader, she specialises particularly in matters of the heart and love relationships.  All that is necessary is a first name and date of birth of anyone in crisis and the guidance from spirit begins to flow.

Ciera is passionate about helping people of all ages and cultures. She believes that in our soul journey, we come across roadblocks that are necessary to our soul’s contract of learning.  These experiences are not always easy to manage, let alone to understand.  Therefore, she connects with your soul to find the way forward it needs to fulfil that contract.

Ciera is very gifted and qualified reader who offers wisdom and guidance to help people solve their problems and restore balance and clarity in their life.  The guidance you receive from a reading, infuses you with self-awareness, love, support and compassion directly from the angelic realms.