Create Abundance

We would all appreciate more in our life: more, time, more love, more success.

We are taught to believe that money will make this happen, allowing us to feel happy, safe and secure

                 Is this the truth or is it a belief we have inherited?

                                                           Do we believe that we are worthy of deserving?

When we change our mindset towards ourselves and the world around us, see our life as abundant, we change our complete perspective.   We draw in abundance and we see infinite possibilities and potential.  Any idea of lack dissipates as we create complete change.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore your inner belief and attitudes around deserving, self worth and abundance
  • Discover the blocks that keep you from what you really deserve
  • Learn tools that produce abundance throughout your life
  • Learn to repattern your thinking
  • Learn how to experience your world from a higher perspective

We all deserve to be the best we can be and to have our life enhanced by what really matters – an authentic relationship with ourselves and our life.

Go ahead and allow yourself be fulfilled on every level!

You receive:

  • An aroma bottle with crystals and essential oils worth $16.95
  • A crystal bracelet worth $24.95
  • Workshop notes
  • Opportunity to take your insights to a deeper level. Enrol in The Alchemist Trail Accredited Program, at a discounted price

Duration:        3 hours

Facilitator:      Jane Offer