Crystal Balancing

Crystal Balancing 

Our internal energy system travels throughout our
entire body and has 7 major energy points called Chakras, which both give and receive energy.

Using a crystal pendulum it is possible to determine the activity of each point.  Increased or decreased energy flow may affect the way we think, act or feel and indicate a potential physical dis-ease and an inharmonious emotional state.

The Chakras also contain information about the 7 levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Again using the pendulum that information can be accessed to aid energy realignment.   Various crystals maybe used in the process, to accelerate the rebalancing and healing process

What can Energy Balancing address?
  • Stress and anxiety by promoting deep relaxation, comfort and peace
  • Troubled thoughts and emotions by calming the mind
  • Scattered thinking brought into focus and clarity
  • A positive approach to difficult situations
  • Reduction of self blame and guilt
  • Improved ability to heal on every level
  • Improved awareness of the self
 What will I experience in a session?

Laying down fully clothed,  a pendulum will be used over the Chakras to access information from your energy system.  You may feel tingling sensations, relaxation spreading through your body or you may just feel a sense of calm enveloping you.   As the energy points are accessed, an explanation will be given and you may ask questions and discuss what is arising.

Once the initial process has been completed, crystals will be used to complete the balancing process.  You will also receive healing and a short visualisation to close the session.

How many sessions will I need?

Regular balancing sessions are recommended, especially if you are experiencing life changes or challenges

Duration:           60 minutes       

Practitioner:       Jane Offer