Crystals for Children

Crystals for Children

One of the most fascinating qualities of children, is their awareness of the magic of life and living things.  They talk to their toys, to insects, flowers, trees of course, animals. In the same way their instincts allow them to communicate with crystals.

Children are naturally drawn to crystals, to their colour, sparkle, shape and texture: they have an instinctive pull to the very crystal that will be of most benefit to them at the time.  For this reason. it is important to allow the child to handle the crystals.  Often in workshops or sessions with children, I have noticed that they will want to pick them up, using all their senses, to read the crystal and then, invariably, choose the one that resonates to the emotion or situation that is current in their lives.  It is not a brain function, it is an intuitive knowing, a natural attraction.

The subtle energies of crystals have many properties that help all ages alike and, as some of these energies are extremely powerful, such as Lapis and Malachite, it is advisable to begin your child on the crystal path with a gentle approach.  Especially relevant is the crystal energy that can help our children to stay grounded as they learn about the world around them. After all,   it is confusing enough for adults, so for a child it can be frustrating and challenging.

Here are nine crystals with gentle energy suitable for children:

Amethyst has a calming and peaceful energy perfect for a frustrated child, as it reduces stress.  Also, an amethyst placed  in a pouch beneath their pillow can promote restful sleep.

Rose Quartz carries such a gentle, nurturing and loving quality that helps children overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It also helps children embrace the idea of compassion towards themselves and others. It creates harmony in friendships and connection to others, whilst encouraging self-trust, self-worth and confidence.

Clear Quartz is a great first crystal for children.  It is a balancer and enhancer, providing clarity and awareness.  It blends well with other crystals, enhancing their qualities.

Agate is a calming crystal, available in many bright colours, which is an attraction for children. This is the crystal of strength and courage and therefore extremely helpful for building confidence in the timid child.  It  also grounds and stabilises both emotional and physical energy.

Green Aventurine promotes a positive attitude, empathy and an easy-going approach to life. It brings joy and happiness and stimulates creative thinking, motivation and independence.

Carnelian enhances concentration and self-belief.  The beautiful range of colours through the orange spectrum bring warm and joyous energy to open the heart and stimulate creativity.  Carnelian is the anchor into the present aiding concentration and allowing the child to trust their own perceptions.

Please remember, crystals are activated by skin contact , so encourage your chid to keep the chosen crystal in a convenient pocket where they can touch it in anxious moments.

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