Crystals that Help Develop Intuition

Crystals for Intuition 

The prime candidate here has to be Lapis Lazuli.  It has been used throughout history to bring inner peace, freedom from negativity, activation of the higher mind, and enhancing the desire for truth.  More about Lapis Lazuli

Clear Quartz is   highly recommended for intuitive development as it is a powerful amplifier.  To increase your ability to ‘hear’, ‘see’ or ‘feel’ intuitively, think of yourself as a receiver, like a mast or satellite dish. The messages are there, but you may not be able hear them clearly. Clear Quartz amplifies their energy so they are more easily heard. Clear quartz also amplifies the qualities of the other crystals.

Labradorite is helpful for self-discovery, intuition and awakening our awareness of inner guidance.  Labradorite is a great grounding crystal

Fluorite increases conscious awareness, anchors intuition into the physical plane, absorbs confusion and harmonises energy. Fluorite brings mental clarity in unstable situations because it balances the chemistry of the brain.

And finally, an old favourite Moonstone.  This gently feminine crystal connects us to the power of the Moon enhancing the natural intuition within every woman.    It really opens our mind to intuition and balances the ‘down talk’ of doubt.

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