Last year was a year of endings and the energy of new beginnings kicked in around September.   You maybe feeling the sense of wishing to change things in your life – a job, a home, a situation – and that is simply the death and rebirth cycle we all experience periodically.  The January New Moon in Aquarius was a definite starting point for setting the wheels in motion. Aquarius energy is all about starting fresh, thinking outside of the box and finding new meaning to things.

Detachment is the way to aid this process.  When we get caught up in the details or dragged into the drama it is difficult to see things clearly. Our mind becomes clouded and we cannot break free from the fear of change.  This is how it has always been so what will happen if it changes?  Will I cope?  When we can detach from all that it is easier to see the way forward; the way that is best for our own well-being.   How many people do you know, maybe even yourself, that stay in a situation that is painful, upsetting or unhealthy because they feel they have no choice?  They fear the outcome of making a stand and changing the situation.   Well, detachment gives you back the power of choice and helps you to move forward again.  With a clear mind you can see the bigger picture and view things in a new way.  Use the power and energy of this period to regain strength and resolve to see a new version of your own truth.

Crystal to help us move forward

Smoky Quartz helps you us achieving our full potential. It helps to release all the blocked, old and stagnant energy in our body. Once all of the old energy is removed, new energy is able to fill all the open space with light and hope.

Citrine  helps us to develop a positive attitude. It encourages us to go with the flow and let go of anything from the past that is creating unhappiness. It promotes the enjoyment of new things and experiences.

Carnelian is the stone of individuality, creativity and courage. It encourages an awareness of the connection between our emotional state and our state of being.  Carnelian dissolves fear, helps us to trust ourselves and our perceptions, and boosts self-confidence.

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