Foregiveness and Green Tea

Throughout our life we experience hurt and disappointment at the hands of others. 

We are told to forgive yet often the essence of forgiveness is misconstrued. We believe that in forgiving, we are allowing a person to  ‘get away with’ hurting us., when actually the essence of forgiveness is to  release ourselves from the pain.

This powerful yet gentle workshop, explores the idea of forgiveness,  the misconceptions surrounding it and the benefits of setting ourself free.

During the workshop we look at:
  • The true meaning of forgiveness
  • Expectations we place on ourselves and others
  • The right time to forgive
  • Taking responsibility
  • The power of choice
  • Setting boundaries
  • Forgiving ourselves
  • Accepting freedom from pain and hurt
  • Practical release techniques

As to the Green Tea?
Well, we share the tea and discover the health benefits of this beautiful gift of nature.

Duration:      3 hour

Included:      Program notes
                    Practical techniques
                    Discount on private sessions to work through personal issues

Facilitator:   Jane Offer