Go with the Flow

I do feel vaguely annoyed when I am experiencing a crisis and a well-meaning person says ‘Oh, just go with the flow’.  Isn’t that a pain?  They probably mean that I should allow the situation to unravel and just be the observer but I’m upset and it’s not what I want to hear, right?

Translation of another’s words rely on our own personal experience and to me this brings up a picture of sitting cross legged, surrounded by a haze of goodness knows what and sounding the OM!  Not something I ever did you understand but that is my era.  In those days I lived the illusion that somehow I could control life and it would comply with my wishes; I soon learned that is not how it actually works.  I realised that there are two separate agencies at work here; Life flow and Universal flow.

Life flow is merely a mechanism; we live within it and it holds a myriad of potential experiences and outcomes that are available to everyone.  On an amazing course I attended I discovered, and I truly believe it, that life itself is designed to have no absolute meaning; only the meaning that we individually place upon it.  In this way, we all experience life from a different perspective as it occurs and this forms the various viewpoints we each hold on every subject we encounter.  Like a car engine, it offers the propulsion but not the full experience.

Perfect –so Life flow encourages us to believe we are at its whim, that we must sit back and wait for life to flow towards us.  Does this work for our individual needs though?  Not really, because we fall into the trap of allowing the engine to drive us without taking into consideration the whole vehicle. We become upset and fearful when It takes us where it wants to go and not where we feel we need to go.  We know the journey is out of control but we continue to give our power away because we feel we have no other choice.   Yet we are incredible manifesters; each one of us creating our world but we don’t always use our skill wisely.  We often hold onto the ‘I don’t have..’  ‘I can’t do that…’ ‘What choice do I have..’ believing that to be true and of course that is how it do often appears. It is the result of holding on to alignment to Life flow; there is no direction or structure and the engine is malfunctioning for our unique needs.

Universal flow however is a whole other ball game.  When we align to it we are proactive, we see the pattern that we are co-creating and we interact with it by using the only true control we have, that of our thoughts.  When we are in Universal flow we are employing the whole vehicle, using all its capabilities while following the road placed before us knowing we can detour at any point. We draw its energy towards us, we play a huge role in its manifestations and we can choose how we play it out.    We notice the synchronicity that create an harmonious and balanced journey where we can enjoy the view rather than having our head down, under the bonnet, blindly tinkering with the engine.

What do you think?

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