a Look at Life Purpose

Every day the proof is there to me that we really are in the midst of an amazing and magical change.   Constantly I hear people speaking about their need to change their life; to move to the country to grow their own food and eat what they produce so they know where it comes from.  They choose to release their career to spend time with the family they have created. They have become aware that there is no time just to enjoy life, that they need to relieve their stress and maintain their health.   They have decided that no amount of money can buy back time or improve their well-being.

Many people are noticing that everything that has been so familiar to them is shifting and they are moving away from the need to be with certain friends, that they have to go to certain places and the desire to break old habits is magnifying.  So many reasons but all to the same end – a different way of living.

We are each waking up in our own way to that inner voice that has been calling out to us.  Now the messages are coming loud and clear – live your truth and clear your heart and mind, be authentic.  We no longer want to hear negative information; to listen to the media hype that is distorted and sensational, designed to generate fear.  We choose not to be around people who constantly bemoan their situation; we want to Breathe, to feel Free and Peaceful.  When we have a positive state of mind, it flows out and affects the world around us.  What we express flows back – kindness creates more kindness, anger creates more anger – and we are increasingly feeling the need to be kind, grateful and at peace with ourselves.

When we flow positivity into our environment it reduces the negative thought frequencies that are feeding the mass consciousness. When that pool of consciousness contains only happy joyous thoughts, that is all there is; no hate, jealousy, outrage and fear.    This is our job –  to focus on our thoughts flowing out in never ending ripples to change the world around us.  We signed up for it, we agreed to it and now we have the opportunity to live it.   We, each of us, are charged with this task – it is the purpose of our life – to flood our personal world with good thoughts, positive action, gratitude and love.

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