Holistic Energy Therapy

Holistic Energy Therapy is the process of balancing the body’s internal and external energy system to promote healing, health and well being.  When we experience emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress or trauma, environment stress, and other blocks to our personal growth they can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, inhibiting our ability to function at our fullest potential.

Working in close connection and partnership with to his healing intuition, David treats the symptoms of physical, mental and emotional pain and spiritual dis-ease.  The impact of this gentle healing technique has helped people on the many levels of their progression through the challenges of life.  During the treatment, David has the ability to look beyond the physical body and read the aura, chakras and meridian lines to identify the location of the specific blocks that, if left, can cause physical dis-ease.  Once identified, he then uses pressure and powerful healing energy applied to the acupressure points to disperse them.

Holistic Energy Therapy is sometimes known as Intuitive Healing, Medical Intuition or Energy Balance.

What can Holistic Energy Therapy address?   

Holistic Energy Therapy works on every conditions as it  –

  • improves the function of the body’s systems and organs to promote healing
  • relieves pain and joint stiffness
  • clears the energy blocks to improve energy levels
  • promotes the body’s natural ability to heal
  • works on emotional and mental imbalances
  • improves confidence
  • energises and de-stresses the body to promote health and well being
  • deep feelings of relaxation and peace
How many sessions will I need?

Sessions are usually 3 weeks apart and 4 sessions are recommended initially.  Maintenance session at 6 week intervals may be a consideration in the case of long term conditions.

Duration:                90 minutes                         

Practitioner:            David Offer