Indian Head Massage

The art of Indian Head Massage has its origins in Ayurveda.   The Ayurvedic approach to health is the balance of body, mind and spirit and the promotion of long life.

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage,  is a form of relaxation massage that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms.   Its  relaxing and balancing effects helps to release stress and tension, creating a sense of peace and well being.

What will I experience?
This form of massage is delivered in a seated position with the recipient fully clothed.  It generates a sense of general relaxation which is calming, revitalising and uptlifting.  As the session progresses you will notice the gradual decrease in taut and uncomfortable muscle stiffeness, the ability to breathe more deeply and even an increase in joint mobility.

Over the next hours following a session, you may notice an improvemnet in mental tiredness levels, reduction of stress and an increase in mental awareness, focus and clarity.  There have even been reports of improved lymphatic drainage, hair growth and the condition of the hair and skin.

What can Indian Head Massage address?   
  •  Eyestrain and jaw tension
  • Tension headache and migraines
  • Earache and Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Sinusitis congestion
  • Insomnia and disturbed sleep
How many sessions will I need?

Indian Head Massage is a great addition to a wellness program and could be included monthly

Duration:              1 hour           

Practitioner:        David Offer