Intuitive Development

Any spiritual development circle consists of participants whose collective aim is to develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The circle last for about 2 hours and follows a format that includes a variety of different skills to be explored, developed and practiced.  To prevent the circle practice from becoming static, the skills practice is different each week.

The Course has two key areas;  developing our fullest potential in Connection and Understanding.  The practices include connecting to and differentiating between the various forms of energy and understanding our nature as a human soul and our relationship with the Universal Consciousness.  Anthony uses different meditation practices and sound to deepen the connections.

What are the benefits of participating in this Development Course?

It is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together with the common goal of developing their potential in connecting to spiritual beings. It allows for the potential of the differences in our knowing and understanding and therefore provides a good foundation to read with non-judgement and tolerance.  Participants can also learn more about themselves, leading to a greater sense of personal happiness, compassion and empathy towards others.

About the course :                                                                                 

The Course has been designed to allow each participant to develop in a way that suits his or her understanding and purpose.  Each practice allows the participant to experience balance in both their personal and spiritual development.

What areas does the course cover?
    • Understand different types of messages
    • Energy boundaries – Chakras and Aura
    • Personal energy protection techniques
    • Connecting to the spirit realm
    • Receiving messages for inner guidance
    • Symbolism in messages
    • Symbolism in dreams
    • Clearing negative energy
    • Tools to gain awareness – sound, cards, crystals, colour
    • Plus plenty of practical exercises and much more

Duration:        10 x 2 hour classes

Facilitators:     Anthony Kilner


Delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia,

a Premium Training Provider accredited by IICT