Intuitive Development Workshop

Take this opportunity to work with widely experienced Medium and Intuitive, Shantaya as she offers you a chance to explore your Intuition and connect to your innate guidance   

She introduces you to your inner knowing through the many techniques she uses in her own practice.  Once you connect and begin to trust your inner guidance life flows more easily and becomes more peaceful.

               During the workshop you will explore:

    •  Connection and trust in the Inner Voice
    •  Grounding Tools
    •  Importance of Meditation
    •  Mindfulness
    •  Intuitive Writing
    •  Live Flowers as Oracles
    •  Oracle Card Layouts
    •  Art as a receiving tool
    •  Journaling
    •  Plenty of fun and practical exercises

                                              Allow your inner self free and discover
                                             the gifts that have always been with you

Everything covered in this group has a practical benefit for your life and provides a good foundation  
to enrol in the IICT accredited programs  Intuitive Development or Professional Mediumship.

Facilitator:     Jane Offer and Sandy King

Delivery:       Full Day Workshop