Intuitive Guidance

Shantaya is a healer and an empath, as well as having the abilities of clairvoyance, mediumship and a  highly tuned intuition.  An Intuitive Reading draws on information gained through all of these methods to provide an enlightening experience, leaving you feeling  uplifted,  liberated and empowered.

The reading will be a different experience for each person, depending on the area of focus at that particular time in their life.  This can range from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, working through a current hardship or encouraging you to activate your highest potential and life work.

Typically, Shantaya uses cards to give an even deeper insight  and  clarity on life purpose or karmic cycles.  Whilst your future lays firmly in your hands based on the decisions you make, some insight can be gained into future events based on current thought patterns.  Guidance is also given on how to shift the pattern thus changing the outcome.

Shantaya always points you to your own intuitive powers and helps you access your own inner knowing. You will leave feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about your own gifts and abilities, rather than feeling dependant on others.

 When would it be useful to have Intuitive Guidance?

At times life becomes difficult and overwhelming.  It can be difficult to see the way forward and this is the time to ‘unload’ the burden.  By sharing our challenges with another uninvolved person, often we can begin to clear our own chaotic thinking that stands in the way of positive action. An intuitive reading can provide that safe space to review and reset.

An Intuitive reading with Shantaya can –

  • Be informative and life changing
  • Provide insight into the cause of problems
  • Connect you to loved ones
  • Clarify your responsibility and that of others
  • Empower you to a positive way forward
  • Leave you feeling uplifted and definite in your progression
  • Ease the pain of difficult situations
  • Provide the ability to forgive others and set yourself free
  • Lead you to a deeper state of happiness and peace

Duration:      30 minutes        60 minutes
                             Available On-line only

 Reader:        Shantaya

Also available:
Introduction to Intuitive Development   1 day workshop
Accredited Intuitive Development Training  10-week course



Accredited Training delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia