Pellowah Foundation Practitioner Level 2

Following your accreditation for Pellowah Level 1, you have the opportunity
to expand your consciousness,and further activate your own inner spiritual light.
You will explore Pellowah symbols and  receive attunement to bring a higher
vibrational energy into your everyday life.

At the conclusion of the course you will have:
  • received a Level 2 attunement
  • further developed your intuitive energy work abilities
  • learned a powerful technique for connecting to yourHigher Self
  • learned how to connect to your innate healing abilities to channel in a multitude of unique energies
  • learned about the ‘merkabah’ or light body and practised a meditation to connect to it
  • discovered a simple one-minute technique for harmonising the mind, body and spirit
  • balanced and strengthened your Chakras
  • practiced seven powerful Pellowah symbols for opening the auric field, while still keeping it protected, neutralising negative energy
  • harmonised your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • increased your energy and vitality
  • activated the ‘light body’ and expanding the aura to speed up evolution and change
  • the requirements for becoming a Pellowah Practitioner
  • setting up a space to deliver professional Pellowah healings
What will I receive on completion?
  • Certification on completion of 3 further case studies
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • 21 day follow up on-line training with support from the Trainer
  • Opportunity to attend Pellowah Share Evenings for further practice and attunements


  • I full day formal training with 21 day follow up on-line training and support 
  • 3 Case studies required 

Facilitator:             Michelle Sinclair

Also available - enrolment in Business Module


Delivered by The Oak Tree Organisation Australia,
a Premium Training Provider accredited by IICT